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Teleport freezes my game

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When you sleep, any drivers you have catch up to meet the server time. It's worse when you have a lot of drivers and haven't been on in a few days/weeks. I had a couple drivers and I had to wait about 30 seconds at times. Best thing is to just let the game do it's thing and don't intervene. (the game is doing something behind that black screen)



I'd also suggest to fire the employees, you're just gonna keep getting that problem in the future if you don't. 

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13 minutes ago, Strike27208 said:

I have the same problem the game is freezing when i use ferry or fast travel or to sleep , i think the new mod are making some troubel...

If you actually read some of the comments in this thread, you might find the answer to your problem.


" The freezing is your ingame economy catching up with the server time. This varies from user to user as it depends how long it was since the last time you used MP. The best solution to this would be to wait for ETS2 to simulate your economy, hence the black screen. "

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Okay folks so i had same issue several times and it made me even uninstall truckersMP. BUT i did want to know more and toke some deeper look into it. Strangely when i loaded my savegame SP with week 39 when i saved the same save in MP mode it made it week 509. Not sure does it affect the game in any way or not.

Long story short,

I fired all my 255 truckers and sold all my trucks, which toke quite some time to click through. After that i saved the game again in case i perma crash i dont have to do the previous action over again.

Once i did this i did a simple rest in a truckstore parking lot, and what do you know a *freeze*. Okay so since i read that for most of the people the waiting 5-15min works i waited until game actually did unfroze. I saved game again after this. Then i did what made game crash again, i did rest and i did a teleported to city with a ferry port. And what a suprise, game did not froze anymore.

P.S i dont know is this relevant information or not but on config.txt i changed winter mode from "true" to "false" aswell.

Hope it helps someone to unbug the game.


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yes I have been having the same problem as well when I f7 it just freezes my game but the sound is still there it happens in mp and sp don't know what the problem is with it



yes any solutions on how to solve this problem its been happening to me for a few days now

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Hey @nikoh270,


You can try to verify your game cache. Follow this: Steam Library > Right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Click 'Properties' > Go to the third (3rd) tab and click 'Verify integrity of game cache', or something that looks like that.

I hope this helped you! If you need any more help, the Support Team is here for you!




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This isn't caused by graphics, this won't be fixed by reinstalling the game (for short period it will be). What's actually happening is a time sync issue. Whenever you stop playing SP all time stops, when you log back in time resumes, as a result your game doesn't need to calculate game time. Whenever you play MP and stop playing time keeps going, this is why you might log into a late load or a blank market, time just kept going. So in MP whenever you fast forward time (F7, sleep, etc) the game calculates data as it catches back up to MP time. Example you log out at 6:00PM game time and leave for 2 days IRL. Your game thinks you're still at 6:00PM game time when you logged off, when you log back in all of a sudden there's 2 IRL days worth of game time so you might be 2 weeks in the future according to the game. When you fast forward time then it calculates all of the data from 6PM to the "true" server time. How to fix:

  • Drive to a NCZ and F7, this will ensure you're not blocking the road while you're doing this.
  • Now simply wait. This might take 5 minutes or it might even take 30 minutes, but whatever you do DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS ON YOUR KEYBOARD, doing so can and probably will lock up your game.
  • Once your game starts showing picture again you should be good for a while. This happened to me once and I haven't had an issue yet.

Things that influence the time it takes to calculate time:

  • Workers. If you have workers the more workers you have the more time it WILL take. The game needs to calculate loads for every worker not just you. 
  • Switching between SP and MP. As I said SP time stops, MP time doesn't, so you will keep on switching game time every time you log into SP from MP or vice versa. 
  • Your PC. If you have a potato it will probably take you much longer than a player who has a faster computer. 


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Hello, i have the same problem. 


Every time when i try to use the ferry the game freeze. In Singeplayer all works fine.

It's a new profile so i have no garage and drivers and also no mods. So the tips above does not work.  

When i played in 2016 (befor my break) all works fine. I not change my Hardware or somethink else.

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