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  1. This good be implemented in a web-based environment. The game can identify your steam-friends, why shouldnt it be able to identfiy people that are in a "Party". And even force these members to drive the same load.
  2. I have experienced it alot lately, the only thing that fixed it for me was to load an older save.
  3. Let it sit for a while. If its not responding and the the window pops up to close it, or wait for it. Just wait for it.
  4. Hello my friends I am here to present you some good code you should or could use while driving around to make your experience, and the experience of others, the very best! Ill start off with some basics and get more in the ham further down the list. Greeting someone This sould be a standard one, when greeting somebody you can either use your horn or flash your high-beams. This is always a nice gesture and it always makes me happy when sombody greets me back! (Make sure to not spam the either) Dont drive with your high-beams on! This should be a must do for everyone! We all know that the view-distance is quite bad in the dark, but anyways it is just way nicer to keep your high-beams off. First off it is not as blinding for people coming your way, secondly you can then use your high-beams for more useful things, such as listed below. Giving way When at an intersection, lets say for example at a T-intersection, it is fairly important to keep a certain flow going when driving. To give way, generally you can either use, again, your horn or flash your high-beams. Not directly indicating that you are giving another player way can result in awkward back and forth and a waste of time. Signaling when its safe to overtake This one is a very very rare one which I barely see when driving. Lets say you are on a one lane road, a truck that is behind you can, most likely, not see if there is any oncomming traffic and would overtake "into the dark" and risk a crash. To secure a safe overtake the first truck can flash his left (or right if in UK) blinker once to signalize that there is no oncomming traffic. This would then allow a safe overtaking manouver. Signaling when its safe to pull back in after an overtake This is a standard for truckers in Germany. After a faster truck overtoke you, it is good code to flash your high-beams at him to signalize him when it is safe to pull back in to the most right (or left, if in the UK) lane. Thanking others! This is quite a biggie I think and gets put to the side way to often. Always thank others, doesnt matter what one did to you. It just gives the helping or signalizing player a better feeling and shows him that his good behavior gets recognized. This will also encourage him to help or signalize to others again! I hope this "guide" could help some of you, and I hope to see more and more players using this code to make TruckersMP a better place! If you enjoyed, please leave a positive reputation and share with your friends, VTC and enemys! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, (german) Charly
  5. Id like it alot, especially if I need to find some important Information wrote earlier
  6. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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