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  1. HAHAH! Funny!.. no. He's well below 150, and therefore your thesis is falsened. As It has also been proven long ago on EU#2 that 90 kph limiter still doesn't prevent idiots' crashes, none of speed limits will. When there's one driving near maximum governed speed, there will always be someone trying to overtake him at governed speed, maybe because of lag spikes / miscalculation / hyperambition...
  2. No matter what; people will continue sticking to EU#2 , continue driving full throttle into curves, and crash into you overobsessed ultrarealists and then you will file a video report on website. LIKE ALWAYS! In that case, why don't YOU go into EU#1 since it's limited to 56mph and therefore you shall feel more pleased? Oh wait, you are in EU#2 too because why everyone else is: more people, more traffic, more fun! Majority in EU#2 would disagree with 150 limiter (including me, atleast for Skodas... 150 for trucks is definitely no issue) , and the rest like you is always welcome in EU#1. Or, just carry on video reporting. You will still face crashes. Deal with it.
  3. They love pampering, and licking; you know... They cry really hard when someone crashes into them, have gigabytes of instant replay archives waiting for upload for reporting, basically they are mistaking reallife with virtue. This is what happens when one takes things way too serious... Mental depression.
  4. That's what I'm asking, too!.. Plus, did you know ETS2 prices are down as low as €3 during sale , even less for Turkey and Russia... It's kid's toy to create 10+ smurf steam accounts, buy them gifts all, skip 2 hours with keybots, then join into TruckersMP world with 3-each bonus bans! This rule implementation, is just like slashing an amoeba with guillotine... Sharp as hell, but you just divide it by two, even smaller it's still same size in total, alive!!!!
  5. Still %95 of players will keep on using that mod, most of them because haven’t read rules again; and one simply can’t blame anyone as hacker THAT simply. Not all big crashes do much damage, and he may be lucky to go very far without engine stalling
  6. - . - Since TruckersMP is not a democracy, staff won't give a fate what we all think in common. But this rule implementation; will just be more advantageous towards trolls, much more website reports, much more staff work. And did you ever think about sudden lag spikes, unexpected PC freezes and //combine that with Contract Deliveries// ?!?! Atleast with no damage mod I was just laughing my a$$ off when i have a bad accident due to lag, troll, or just unwanted actions whatsoever; then continuing. This rule implementation will favor F7+Enters more (instead autosave, even so %99 will crash again to full damage), as maybe a *protesting* , since majority is on C-D road; now expect bigger CHAOS in Duisburg truckshop! This rule will just make things more complicated and, is totally less user-friendly. Don't over-simulate things in virtual life please. NCZ and speedhackers are already being dealt with.
  7. Before more customizations, the other brands, I mean the older models ingame do need visual retouches, up to standards of DAF 106 XF model ingame atleast. Like, HD interior, HD gauges, better model quality, revamped sounds...
  8. I like speeding in-game, just like I do in reallife. When there are no speedtraps at hot spots, I usually break the limit with my own car! (like, going up to 160 km/h in 110 zone). And I do have fun. As long as one is careful and knows what he's doing, there is no single problem with speeding!
  9. I think MP development will eventually find a way to implement some mods into MP, via whitelisting selected mods and linking with the main server data. Because this way mods will be synched better, and having mods (atleast, those that only replaces files instead being standalone to crash others) is what the majority wants. Nevermind, I am just dreaming.
  10. Well, yeah. But this doesn't only affect deliberate trolls like aforementioned: For unintentional crashes and light insults, one will consider them deliberate and offence; and it will still consider as ban. Especially the people with long ban list yet behaving totally normal; will face 1-3 month ban just for telling someone "idiot" , or * , which are used in real life a lot... Whoever gets seriously offended by such words even towards them needs to get a life, seriously. That is too *. You don't become an idiot when someone tells you so, if you are not. That is just expression of anger in general. In "GAMING WORLD", these are totally acceptable, and shouldn't be considered as direct ban till it goes excessively racist, religious, or nationalist, etc. One should just get over it and keep moving, rather than crying to staff in malevolent manner. Today I played for about an hour or so, and I already screened 6 people insulting other, and considering whether report them or not. If I do report, I will feel like shallow, anyway rule breaking is rule breaking... I have been banned for basic things even didn't cause serious crash and went extreme. Ban is ban, right? From now, yeah it seems. Countdown from 6. "Regardless of what happened" , facing 1-3 month ban is ridiculously harsh and strict from my side... Yes, every offence should have limits (nobody should repeat it everytime, and we should increase punishments for repetitions to make them be afraid for next), but an insulter, someone parked near Oxnard rd. on parkspot or on grass hurting nobody , just watching the traffic mess should not be put into same bag with speedhacker eventually. (1-3-perma applies for speedhackers, remember from rule update!!!) We aren't doing rocket science here. We aren't professional community, like IVAO/VATSIM (professional virtual aviation community, you can google if you wonder. Im member for 6+ years). Are we promoting trucking job? No. Is ATS/ETS2 super-duper realistic? No, neither SP nor MP. We are here, to have fun. Share experience. Enjoy hours of gameplay with real people. This is not a job. This is a game. In conclusion, please remove the 6-ban rule. Keep banning trolls for about 1-2 week upon discretion for actions, and ban them again if they continue doing. And again, again, and again. If you don't, you will not only get rid of trolls from servers; but also lose considerable amount of players because of simple reasons, being reported for sake of being a hero, trying to look perfectly obedient and obsessively loyal player towards report-reviewing staff. This will eventually lead to less friendly environment in game world, increase paranoia, reduce trust to strangers and such. Some will eventually become better player, because of getting tired of trolling or causing issues, doing same thing over and over definitely leads to boredom Nobody is perfect. You can never expect anyone behave perfectly like a robot. Such strictness may give you higher overall standards, but definitely drop down popularity. You have 800.000+ registered members , earned this number in less than 2 years of time. Don't you wanna boost it up 1.000.000 milestone? Please don't counterfeit it with ban evaders creating smurf accounts, that will look shame. Keep promoting the mod, being more open towards everyone. Popularism brings success, no matter how. Fact of 21st Century, face with it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have a better idea... I feel that you ain't gonna listen to me anyway , but there is my 2c worth idea: Make EU-1 Hardcore, and EU-2 Casual servers. Apply the 6-ban rule to EU-1, whereas keeping EU-2 as standard, as used to be. Neither you will lose players, nor players will be so obsessed about their actions.... When one is banned 6 times, he will no longer be able to join Hardcore, where players are with higher standards and what you promote for; but he still can enjoy playing in EU-2 Casual servers where it is still regulated as before, but not facing perma-ban. Rather for days/week . EDIT: My posts are kinda referencing trolls, but this is because I don't find bad drivers / rookies as an excuse. Good driver or bad driver, a driver IS NOT A TROLL. I hope you got me correct this time. Thank you.
  11. What are you going to do, when player amount will decrease by half, in months ? Because I, together with others who think like me, are going to report every. single. rule. breaking. via website report system with evidences (especially insults... I come with one every 5-6 minutes in peak time) . Since it is stated in rule, you admins are going to punish them. Eventually some will be perma-banned, or long-bans. Or rage quits. When everything will go organised and no rule breakings occur, even it will be perfect for you; trust me, for us it will not be good. No more fun. Monotonus, straight driving... No more laughters... No more "Idiots on Road part.199" series (those IDIOTS are very important - but not the most important - reason of popularity and fun in MP, you can make a poll about it if u like, for statistics... Many do enjoy them even being victim, and feeling anger.)... No more endless queues because of an idiot... It's just like playing with AI, jeez. Maximum players dropping from 2000s to 1500s, then down 1000s (if this system stays unchanged... Amen to that!) ... If it goes down 1000, I will also quit. I only drive in servers when it is almost filled... Less traffic, less fun. The rank in moddb will also drop drastically. I think that this topic should appear as pop-up when entering the forum homepage, because this is really important, and everyone should be aware of this (I coincidentally found this... Didn't know before!) . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Those who think like me: Maybe we should organize a convoy , driving 25 mph on highway, one-lane , totally organised, with all friendly chat, telling eachother our stories when we were 18 months old... slow as possible, anyway we are going, not breaking rules!
  12. There is another option: Disable AI traffic totally from singleplayer config, and play. Enjoy the realistic server. Plus it won't cost another penny for devs. Or go play in EU2 or America server, atleast there is less possibility to have crash, cuz of less players online.
  13. For sake of synching AI traffic, each AI vehicle would eat 1 player slot, thus 1000 cars over 2000 real players, totalling 3000... There are dancing trucks after 2400 connections or such , so you know why. I'd rather have another real player rather than giving that slot to lifeless AI. Wondering if we will eventually get back to 5000+ slot servers, when the map is expanded. Will take years to finish whole continent though. Jus' wondering whether SCS will update the game to be much more stable in terms of server load as ETS2 used to be before (4500 trucks and still no big issue, awesome traffic)
  14. Comparing 600 hp Merc with 600hp Pete, Pete is definitely more sluggish than Merc when hauling same weight because of longer gear ratios , and more truckweight. But not that much. Let's say, US' 600hp extended truck is equivalent of 550 hp EU in terms of acceleration.
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