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Teleport freezes my game

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4 hours ago, Lariphos said:

Does not work, i wait 20-25 minutes :-/

How much drivers do you have? Did you press any button on your KB or Mouse while waiting? Is your PC a potato or can it run ETS 2 on high graphics? 


As I said in my other post, all of the above will influence how long it will take for the black screen to disappear. 

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I had that problem and there's an easy way to solve it 

my game used to freeze when i tp'ed or slept while i was playing 

the game takes this time to make maths and see how much money did ur employers earn for you ,km that they did with each truck etc

to solve it sell ur truck or fire ur employer so game doesnt need to spend a few mins to do those maths 

if u want to have employers and u have been without playing for ages here is the way to have them :

1. fire all of them 

2. sleep

3.get new employers.

this helps the game because it doesnt have to think how much money did they do in the in game time period.

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