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I made a little map to show dangerous areas in ETS2 MP


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This guide is outdated and may not contain updated, recent information. No support is provided for this guide, follow at your own risk.

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Roads which come from harbors should all be red. There will most likely someone ram in to you, because driving on wrong side of road... To be honest, I'm one of those  :D , 0 crashes so far though and I'm trying to be more careful. I just somehow keep forgetting I traveled from Europe to UK or other way around.


Ready to go!


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I got the one Kravaty linked you. I personally edited it to make it similar to the rest of the map. I don't have the original anymore


Damn that could´ve been really helpfull, as it gets hard to get those scandinavian roads into "original" hahah. Anyway, thanks for the answer, keep on the good work ; )


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This is a really good idea, the map will help with newer drivers so that they can stick away from these built up areas so that they can learn without being constantly rammed and hit.




Trucking Australia

HHA Driver

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So I updated the map:


Fixed highway near Oslo, not anymore Dangerous but Medium Danger.

Stockholm is now signed as City with dangerous intersections.

Added dangerous intersection at Kristiansand cave and between Koln and Dusseldorf.

Added Quarry icon to the map, I missed some probally, so report them to me so I can add the others.

Dover is now a normal density city.

Gedser is now a Mostly peaceful city.

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