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  1. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact the new speed limiter was introduced on some servers. Does it do the same thing on all the servers?
  2. Happy birthday :).

  3. Probably the same way the highpowered cargo dlc worked, you will get empty trailers for unsupported trailers and normal trucks for paint jobs or change in chassis in this case
  4. It's strange, I went through a patch where it just wouldn't stop raining... EVER. But I haven't seen rain for about a month now
  5. G'night guys and keep on truckin to those drivin through the night

  6. Gooood morning guy's hope everyones alright this monday morning an if your not (its probably just monday it'll be fine tommorow) ;)

  7. Sorry, as far as i'm aware their is currently no way of getting TMP for macs, my best suggestion if you want to play it that bad is to download windows onto your mac through bootcamp
  8. This could depend on the time of day, the server ping especially on the EU2 server can be a little hit and miss at peak times, if you struggle with internet speed anyway I would suggest avoiding these peak times if you can.
  9. Hey, As a more far fetched idea this could be an issue with your firewall, I could suggest making sure that the application is allowed to make connections, you can do this by Searching firewall in your search bar Click "Firewall with advanced security" Look for the game in the inbound and outbound menus Make sure that connection is enabled
  10. I was actually having the same issue about a month back with the profile screen freezing whilst the music kept playing then unfroze around 10 minuets later, I finally fixed it by uninstalling the game and then before reinstalling deleting all the left over files [CAUTION REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR PROFILE BEFORE DOING THIS] hopefully it should work though
  11. Sounds like an awesome idea, a massive +1 for you sir
  12. so... after two days of being trapped at the top of a mountain I have returned!

  13. This does seem like the type of thing that SCS would need to tackle too as from the outside it seems simple however their are many hard-coded elements of the econemy system and reward system etc that would need to be changed along with things like new menus to swap trailers over to certain people etc, in itself this seems like a complicated project but also one that will need to the influence of SCS who are the only ones who can make changes to the source code. On the other hand this does seem like an awesome idea and if it is do-able then it certainly has my +1
  14. Good night yall, see you all on Monday ready to get back on the roads

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