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In order to do anything we will have to edit your save profile. First we need to make your profile save in a format that can be decrypted. Go to the ETS2 My Documents folder

(C:\Users\[Your username]\Documents\EuroTruckSimulator2)

and open the config.cfg with notepad.


Once you've opened it, press Ctrl + F and search for g_save_format and change the value besides it to "2", as seen below.



Now start up your game, sign into your desired profile, and then quit the game, so that it can auto-save in the new format.


Step 2: Save Editing


For this step you will need to download the save decrypter, which can be downloaded here.


Money Cheat




 go to your ETS2 My Documents folder, and open the profiles folder. (Note: You will see other folders called i.e. profiles(, these aren't the ones we'll use, those are just automatic backups of your profiles from previous updates)


If you look at the "date changed" of the folders there, you'd see your most recently used profile will have the most recent date, open that then open the save,  then click on the save folder 




Once you have done that, click on the Autosave folder 




Get the Game file and drag it to the scsc file




Wait until the CMD window has appeared and then disappeared, Once it has done this you need to right click and click on Open with and then find notepad



Once you have done this you need to press Ctrl + F and type in  money_account



Then change that number to whatever you want :)


Once you have done that, click on File then Save as and then change Save as type: to All Files then click save






Do the same thing as for money cheat, just instead of searching "money_account" search for "experience_points"
Line 1273 is your XP in-game.


Change it to whatever you want, and enjoy!

Skills cheat:

When you find "experience_points" on line 1273, you'll see it says "adr, long_dist, heavy, fragile, etc." under it, and change it to whatever you want. 6 max else your game will crash.



Some of this has been copied from a previous guide because most of the steps are the same :)


--- LINK to the other guide ---




  • How to change name
  • How to unlock all the garages
  • How to remove the police thing
  • How to get free petrol (Possible, dunno if it'll work)
  • XP (If i can find a way)
  • Any other cool things i can see :P
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Mate, ask next time before copying half of my guide for the start of yours. Jeez.


I was gonna message you but you was offline and i was going out for several hours after it but i kinda presumed you was going to be okay with it :D but i will reword it if you want


Basically i was rushing when i was making it :D because i wanted to let people know but i had limited time (Which is why it's in a mess as well)

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Like if i weren't in a rush i would of asked you tbh but at least i found another use for your decrypter or who ever coded it 


Ofcourse it isn't mine. I don't know jam sh*t  about coding :P And that is your save file so you can edit pretty much every value in the game in there.

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Why 'wrong topic'? It's inside the decrypted save :D 

But they have already done some things on it then :o

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