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  1. I think "Indian Discussion" means the whole India I mean including Pakistan Hello This is Rana Anas from Punjab, Pakistan. Good to see Indian Community here on ETS2MP. I Organize a convoy every Wednesday 6:00 PM Indian Time and Usually there are 3 to 5 Indian Guys Including 30 to 35 English People Whole Indian Community is Welcome there.
  2. I just updated my ETS2 version after reading their post on facebook and now i am like Face palm :D

    1. John [RO]

      John [RO]

      Why the facepalm ?

    2. Scar


      Just some more patience :P Always double read information :P

  3. Well I just discovered it yesterday anyways Thanks for good sharing
  4. Sorry Dear i am unable to understand that last post. Can please explain that post by every single step or can you please make an video for that
  5. its works with profile.sii and info.sii but its not working with game.sii unable to decrypt game.sii properly there are still some codes in it after decryption
  6. Eu 1 , offline :(

    1. konfig0


      Online again, enjoy truckin' and sorry for inconvience!

    2. [T-Eagles] Rana AnasCEO
    3. konfig0
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