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Woah the updates keep rolling off the band. Good job Mwl4, keep up the amazing work! :) 

a lot of other games. We're always looking for friendly and open people to join us.

We like to create a friendly and familiar environment. Join us on

teamspeak: ts.emeraldimmersion.com to check it out for yourself.

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^ You can change the font to any font you want :)


Copy the font to the ETS2MP folder in program files:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer\data\fonts

Make sure you name the new font "OpenSans.ttf"

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Can't wait to test out this new update! - Happy Trucking!

Thanks everybody for the positive feedback, remember to stay positive.

Retired Support Member @Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer


I`m not giving support via private message unless offered,

please use the selection called "help" on the forums.


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ets2 multi is very best mod of the years and thanks to your incredible work well done guys

                                                                              World of truck


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You have all words graphics features of Windows enabled?


1-Try to uninstall completely and install again

2-Try to change Windows theme

3-Try to run as admin

4-Try to change the font in fonts folder to Arial or something like this

Something can work.

thank you very much for your help :) i have tried install again and now game is good works.  :rolleyes:



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Hi, need a help here, i just download the latest update, when i try to go ingame its sad " Euro Truck Simulator 2 Steam has stopped working".

When i go to single player and try to load my profile there is incompactible version, something like that. So what to do, any kind of help is needed.

Last night i played normaly, there was few error but i fixed, now dont know what to do, tryed almost everything, this is my last hope, tnx guys.


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