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  1. Inactive topic. Locked & Archived. If you want me to re-open this topic, please feel free to send me a PM about it.
  2. Inactive topic. Locked & moved to archive. If you want this topic re-opened, please feel free to send me a PM about it.
  3. Hello Cherozene, The profile you use gets bound to the steam-account with ETS2 on it. So if you were playing ETS2 on your friends steamaccount before, then you won't be able to use that same ETS2mp profile with your own steamaccount. You should create a new ETS2mp account and bind it to your steam account. No worries, there won't be any loss for you, except a different login emailadress and password. Please let us know if this solved your issue.
  4. Hello Cherozene, Profiles are kept in the "Documents" folder. So you can copy your profiles from the "Documents" folder. You should see a folder called "Euro Truck Simulator 2" in there and within that there will be a folder called "profiles". Just copy that whole folder and place it into your "Euro Truck Simulator 2" in Documents again. Please let us know if this helped you.
  5. My VTC decided to stick with CLAN tags in front of the steam name for various reasons. You can do this by putting a clan tag between brackets "[CLAN]" in front of your steamname. Otherwise you can do what Marc said, when you're ingame. You can even apply a color to this tag.
  6. Rhendak


    No difficult solutions needed! Please just press F7 + ENTER when ingame, this take you to the garage and it will fix the problem you're having.
  7. Here's how to set a tag once you're ingame. Press TAB > Right click to have your mouse appear and go to the "cog-wheel" settings icon. Then in the settings you will find a setting named "player tag", after that you can enter what you would like to have as playertag (in front of your name), you can even set the color of your player tag! Here are the rules regarding playertags and names: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/15-in-game-rules-en-11-08-2015/
  8. Rhendak

    Hi there.

    First truck on your own for a bit, learn to know the multiplayer and the players around it. Then after a while and after gathering some experience, try joining a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company). These often host convoys and grouping together via teamspeak as easy communication. You will find good friends here.
  9. Inactive topic. Locked & archived. If you want this topic reopened, feel free to send me a PM.
  10. Inactive topic. Locked & archived.
  11. Inactive topic. Locked & archived.
  12. I think the title of this topic might need some better punctiuation because now I'm rofling at the topic title that sounds a bit like "Monstrous children have needs too!"
  13. Answer given, locked & moved to solved.
  14. Please refer to this topic: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/20371-old-name-showing-on-ets2mp-map-web/
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