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  1. I already pointed out that I tried that, please read my full post.
  2. I was looking at your post and I basically did everything you did, but I did change the config.cfg (Changed the morror view distance, because I hate that everything that is 30m behind my truck pops out of existence) I'll let you know if thats the problem
  3. Hey Guys! I have the following problem. I don't see any job offers at the freight market screen, but I do see job offers when I visit the depot manually. I've already reset the economy many times. It works for a while, but after ~12 hours IRL time it stops displaying job offers. (Still shows job offers when I visit the depot manually)
  4. In austria we have signs before roundabouds that tell you if someone in the roundabout has right of way or someone driving into the roundabout. http://ww2.heidelberg.de/stadtblatt-alt/stbl0301/schildk.jpgThis sign indicates that someone inside the roundabout has right of way. https://weizenspr.eu/uploads/kreis_mit_vorfahrt.pngAnd this does that. But overall your video is pretty accurate and you did say "in the UK"
  5. Actually that would be a pretty nice idea if we have proper police cars and such.
  6. I dont thinks its even possible for players to have asynchrony traffic lights, because every one of us has the same ingame time and the ingame time determites whether the traffic light is red or not. Maybe still be bugged
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