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  1. Thanks for follow my VTC' COO

  2. Görüşmeyeli nasılsın dostum?

    1. Sinyordess.


      Teşekkür ederim sorduğun için gayet iyiyim sizler nasılsınız 

  3. It may be really appropriate to give the fix command to buses. Constantly going to the service both reduces our progress and sometimes misses the pleasure of playing.

  4. spacer.png
    Some things never go back. Trust, death, the first feelings.💔

  5. There is nothing much for Skoda, in fact, maybe bumper and spoiler support can come. Of course, our players will exaggerate this modified work and miss the taste of the vehicle. He's fine as he is right now.
  6. Thank you for asking a very good question. When I was little, my father worked as a transport for a grocery chain. He had a huge truck and I got interested in big vehicles. I liked these modifications and changes made on the trucks very much, I was very interested. and discovered the Euro Truck Simulator game through social media and 1. i started playing the version and eventually moved to 2. I was relaxing and having fun by driving with calm music in a way I didn't understand. Then I met TruckersMP and I'm around.
  7. About 5-6 years ago, I was seeing videos and posts on social media. I wanted to try it too and became addicted to the game. The producers have done a really good job.
  8. i can see that you are browsing on my profile 👀🤩

  9. Thanks for follow ❤️

    1. Maxi.


      Thank you also for the follow! :HaulieLove:

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    Validation is successful Riva ❤️

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      Congratulations to Validated! 🎉

    2. [Riva] Sancho
  11. Thanks for the Follow!

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