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  1. Happy birthday to you ! Good years.

  2. I understand, please move this topic to solved. happy trucking!
  3. Hello Truckers, I`m about to leave the community because I have totality quite euro truck simulator 2, and just wondering how I could remove my profile. Cant find any options on my profile setting and just wondering if someone with administration powers could remove my profile permanently? Just want to say "THANKS" to everybody so have been positive and specially to TruckDriver so accepted me into the support team for ets2mp. This have been an amazing experience and time to start on something new. Hope you guys will have an amazing time here at ets2mp as I did. Bye Guys! - Happy Trucking (For the last time )
  4. Good Luck with your application @xHaveFunx, make sure to stay active and show truckdriver you deserve the support position. - Make sure to dedicate time on the forums and help players in the help selection, also make sure to be professionally when helping players.
  5. Good Luck Everybody so are applying for a support position. Being part of the ets2mp support team is amazing, loved every second of it, everybody in the team is there for you and open for questions. You will receive an amazing team leader (truckdriver) so will always be there for you and you will learn a lot in the period of being in the team. - Happy Trucking!
  6. If you are searching for a company, check out the "Companies Selection" on the forums. You will get information on how the company works then joining. - Happy Trucking!
  7. This topic have been marked inactive, locked and moved to unsolved
  8. Weather on the game servers are not synchronized, this means players are not getting the same weather. But the time is synchronized on the servers, this means you will experience day / night at the same time with all the another truckers driving across Europe. -Happy Trucking!
  9. You will recive a notification on your mail address then a support member from the team have responded to your ticket.
  10. I understand, the support department will be with your shortly and hope one of out members will sort the problem, have a nice day and happy trucking.
  11. You need to make a new euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer account before connecting with a new steam account. - Make sure to contact the support department with account issues, you contact them with creating a support ticket! -Happy Trucking!
  12. If you want to create a support ticket please click the link given below. Create a support ticket here: http://ets2mp.com/support/ -Happy Trucking!
  13. Are you still having problems with the ping on the game server?
  14. Still having problems with the "fatal error", please create a support ticket and the support team will review your problem. - Happy Trucking!
  15. The problem have been solved, locked and moved to solved. - Feel free to create a new topic in the help selection if you have more questions / problems with the multiplayer mod. -Happy Trucking!
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