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What's your laptop specifications to cope with Calais?

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I run the lowest custom settings (25% scaling and everything disabled) on my i7-4600U + Radeon HD8750M laptop, and get a good 48 FPS almost everywhere except Calais. I got only 2 FPS on Calais, and most of the times, I got flipped over before realizing what was happened due to this lag.


If any of you able to get 60 FPS in Calais, what's your laptop specifications?

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1 hour ago, L-DragO* said:

I don't try Calais at all ...the last time I tried,  4fps ......  scaling 75 I put almost not all on low not disabled...

if I disable everything I will not enjoy the game ...


so don't try Calais...



am saving to get an external graphics card ......

You are right, the game is like pixel Minecraft. If your computer's features are insufficient, avoid crowded and busy areas, there will be no traffic problems and ping lag, etc.

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On medium settings. No issues, even in populated areas. Which is shown in this video.


If you're having issues, avoid populated areas, turn your settings down, or find a way to upgrade your potato.

Since my image is too big, click this to view it.


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Я даже не знаю параметров своего компьютера😆Я просто пошел в магазин и сказал, чтобы они построили мне мощный компьютер.

Играю на максимальных настройках, в кале фпс иногда проседает, но не критично.

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2 hours ago, DJenerate said:

I find that changing the render distance for other players in the TMP settings helps a lot more than in-game settings. I can drive through busy areas just fine on high settings, with that turned down. Granted, having a 6-core Ryzen and a GTX 1080 helps too.

Oh this sounds like a solution. I never looked at it. I will find it

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