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  1. Hey KhopDi! It looks like you're on the right lines, but TruckersMP also has the Winter Island area currently, which will likely be causing the content change when going from SP to MP. Could you try to copy and rename the 'christmas_2023_island.mp' file, like how you've done with the other ones, and activate that on your profile too? Hopefully that'll fix it! Regards, DJenerate
  2. Big congrats, well deserved brother! 🧡

  3. Yes, the in-game report system does function. However, there's only so many Game Moderators online at any given time, and there's no guarantee that they'll get round to the report. I'd always recommend recording evidence, and reporting the user through the web report system should the in-game report time out.
  4. I'd first try generating a new def file on the ProMods website. The one you have currently includes support for the Special Transport DLC, but TruckersMP doesn't support this, so there could be an issue with that. You could also try creating a fresh profile, as it's possible you've used some other mods on single player, and they've caused that profile to not work without them. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest removing the Middle East addon, so then you'll know if the issue is with that, or the base ProMods addon. If it still won't launch, then I'd suggest removing all the ProMods files, and downloading them fresh from the ProMods website.
  5. I'd have to disagree with that. The controls on the Deck are similar to using a controller connected to a desktop PC, which many players already do without issue. If that was the case, then you'd have to restrict those not using a wheel too. I would like to see the Steam Deck officially supported though, as that would also likely open the door to native Linux and MacOS support.
  6. I'd be in favour of this for things like the Winter/Spring mods, and other mods that the TMP team include over time. I doubt it could be done for ProMods though, but who knows!
  7. I'm definitely in favour of this. I rarely use it, but whenever I've passed there, it's been busy. Upgrading it wouldn't affect anywhere else, and would be a great QOL improvement.
  8. Just don't put it too low, or if you do, remember to turn it back up once out of the busy area!
  9. DJenerate

    Maps Mods

    I currently use ProMods, ME Addon, Poland Rebuilding, RusMap and Southern Region, but I'm always looking at others to add that connect up nicely, and are of good enough quality.
  10. I find that changing the render distance for other players in the TMP settings helps a lot more than in-game settings. I can drive through busy areas just fine on high settings, with that turned down. Granted, having a 6-core Ryzen and a GTX 1080 helps too.
  11. You can be the best driver in the world, you're still going to have accidents as you can't control other people. The same can be said for any vehicle. You can easily troll and cause crashes in a truck with a trailer, and you can still do /fix.
  12. Suggestion Name: Add the ability to use /fix when driving the Bolloré Bluebus Suggestion Description: Update the /fix command, that currently only works when driving a truck with a trailer attached, so that it also works to repair the Bolloré Bluebus. Why should it be added?: Currently, it only works when you're in a truck with a trailer. It would be a great quality of life improvement to also be able to use it for driving a bus, rather than having to drive to a garage or teleport using the F7 menu, which can cause issues when also using DBus World.
  13. Thanks to all the team at TMP for getting the 1.41 update out so quickly, and for fixing the issues within the first day too. You're all amazing.
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