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Hot Topic #46: TruckersMP's 8th Birthday!


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Hey ?

I think I would have to say my favorite part of #TMP8 has been the ATS and ETS2 convoys as they have been very well organised in my opinion. 
The reason I'm not saying the festival was my favorite is because I honestly prefered the festival last year but not really sure why.
With the freeroam server I went on it for about an hour last night when it opened and I will have to say already its been extremely fun and cant wait to see the chaos that it's going to have over the next couple of weeks.

Anyway I would like to say a massive thank you to the TruckersMP Team for putting on some amazing event for #TMP8 and I'm looking forward to what the future bring for TruckersMP!

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I dont have favourite part Because i think all parts was a really nice. Thanks in advance for everything.


And Also


Happy birthday TruckersMP! #TMP8 :HaulieLove: 

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Great succession of events. I was not able to participate at the Festival due to the amount of crashes that my game had suffered xD. The same happened at the ETS2 convoy. Still, I'm glad that I managed to take part in the well-organized ATS Convoy. Many congrats to the Event Team for making these events possible! Last but not least, special thanks to the Game Moderators for ensuring that everything was in order and running smoothly. Happy birthday, TruckersMP! ❤️  


                                                                                                                                                                                   Kind regards,






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The whole event was very good, as usual, everything was well organized and seeing the whole team working is always very good. 

For me the best part of the event are the trains on both the ETS and the ATS

Now let's wait for the next TMP event. 

Thank you and congratulations TMP for another year of life. 

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This feature felt different like every year. After all, you can drive admin cars in TMP! I want to share a small photo that I took.

Congratulations TMP & Happy birthday TMP!



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I missed the festival, but I participated in ETS2 convoy, where still many people often overtake. I was looking forward the most for racing at Haulie Island, but my enthusiasm passed me after I found out that there is a speed limit also on the racing circuit. I would rather have no speed limit than collisions enabled or police car for everybody.

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16 hours ago, JamesS014 said:



As you may be aware, we have been celebrating our birthday over the last few days! We held a festival provided by TruckersFM and also had a convoy on both ETS2 and ATS.

In order to continue these celebrations, from the 2nd of May 2022 until the 15th of May, you can drive the exclusive staff only Police car on our free-roam server. This means that there are no road rules applied.




What's been your favourite part so far? The festival, convoy(s) or free-roam? Share your thoughts and photos below!


We look forward to seeing some of your screenshots and opinions below.


Happy birthday TruckersMP! #TMP8


Better get to work on important things like optimizing your servers and improving your staff, which is a network of arrogant people who don't even know what they're doing instead of doing events like drowning signals.

It is my opinion that I know that is why they can ban me for not saying what they want to hear

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Hello all. 


First of all, congratulations to TruckersMP on reaching their 8th Year. EVen though I've only been a part of half of those years, it's still been enjoyable. 


The most enjoyable part of the events would have to be the American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoys. They were really organised and I had a great time doing those convoys, especially with @BraggGamingTwitch, who's stream I had in the background during the American Truck Simulator convoy. I also got the chance to stream the Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoy on my channel, which was exciting, and that was well organised aswell, despite how late it was for me, it was still enjoyable. 


I do enjoy the freeroam server when it comes out, but I mostly do enjoy the convoys a lot more as I discover the cities that I have previously discovered, but on a new profile. 


Once again, congratulations to TruckersMP on reaching their 8th Year, and here's to many more years!




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First of all, I wish tmp8 a happy anniversary! Recently, on the 8th anniversary, the server has been playing for 4 hours, and the employees' vehicles have also been driven. They have a good time with their friends. Finally, I wish TMP better and better and become popular all the way

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