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  1. Freeroam server was so much fun. We enjoyed a lot by staying outsie the range of moderators (because they can kick if situation arise )unless they dev cam which rare in this server
  2. Hope they optimize their servers. Its a frequent desync or unreliable connection in traffic area or simple server connection broken even with good internet and pc. Gets so annoying at times
  3. Ya I turned off they said flags ,load cabin accessories now i loose like 5-10 fps on pressing TAB which is normal . Not 30+ as before please close the topic
  4. Hello I am having fps issue when i press TAB button to see players ping as well as ID's. Here is the video which shows better. From 60+ fps to 20 fps when TAB is active. Draw Distance: "Very Low" Specs: Windows 11 Home Cpu: i5 11400f GPU: MSI Rx 6600 XT RAM:Hyperx 3200 32 GB SSD: Western Digital 500 gb PSU: Corsair VS600
  5. Thank attention☺️☺️☺️

  6. Holidays : More traffic in C-D road yeh ?
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