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Hot Topic #46: TruckersMP's 8th Birthday!


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Guest DBus_David.

Hello everyone ?

I don't have a favorite part because I thought all the parts were pretty good.


Thanks for everything TruckersMP!

 Happy birthday TruckersMP! #TMP8


Death knight

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I was at all events for the 8 year anniversary of truckersmp the festival was amazing got to talk to people and have a fun time there. 


Both ATS and ETS2 Events were awesome to attend some of the staff members from TMP that I know that also went there as well ☺️



I also been on the TMP 8 year anniversary free roam server it's nice to have that fun. 


Can't believe TMP is now 8 years old. 


There was also some good music on truckersfm for the festival that I enjoyed a lot. 


Congratulations ??? to you guys and many more exciting stuff to come in the future of TMP. ?

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On 5/3/2022 at 6:04 AM, SarahMaddy said:

Hello all. 


First of all, congratulations to TruckersMP on reaching their 8th Year. EVen though I've only been a part of half of those years, it's still been enjoyable. 


The most enjoyable part of the events would have to be the American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoys. They were really organised and I had a great time doing those convoys, especially with @BraggGamingTwitch, who's stream I had in the background during the American Truck Simulator convoy. I also got the chance to stream the Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoy on my channel, which was exciting, and that was well organised aswell, despite how late it was for me, it was still enjoyable. 


I do enjoy the freeroam server when it comes out, but I mostly do enjoy the convoys a lot more as I discover the cities that I have previously discovered, but on a new profile. 


Once again, congratulations to TruckersMP on reaching their 8th Year, and here's to many more years!




You are to cute you! Thank you Sarah, and I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself ❤️

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