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  1. They don't have DLC to run him, so they can only run sim server
  2. Single trailer makes me drive better, he makes it easier for me to overtake
  3. I am very much looking forward to his arrival, I will buy him
  4. The ProMods map is very big and there are some roads that make me feel very excited. I recommend you buy DLC to run him
  5. When using CB/Voice in many places, other players will feel very noisy, so I often use typing communication
  6. Hopefully TMP can then support the use of voice mod, so that more dynamic voices can be heard
  7. I am looking forward to it
  8. Get it for free, but I think the new DLC is great
  9. I think the Italian cities are very beautiful, especially Rome
  10. is this real? I really hope to use him in the next update
  11. I also hope that I can drive the Ford F-Max in the game, which is a good choice
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