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  1. The scenery of ProMods is great, let me see the aurora, I am very happy and make me very memorable
  2. 1 = DAF 2 = Iveco 3 = MAN 4 = Mercedes 5 = Renault 6 = Scania 7 = Volvo I don't know if my answer is correct
  3. Adding more vehicles will bring a lot of trouble and time, but I hope to add more vehicles in the future so that everyone will drive new vehicles on the road
  4. You can try to see if there is WinterMod in C : \ Users \ Administrator \ Documents \ ETS2MP \ mod
  5. I spend most of my time listening to music on Spotify, but sometimes I also listen to the radio
  6. I like MAN because its cab has a large field of view and I can take advantage of it to see farther landscapes and road conditions
  7. I also hope to redesign some roads, which will take a lot of time to complete, and I hope we can watch the scenery while driving on it in the future
  8. Thank you very much for your attention and wish you a happy game 😉

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Have a nice day mate ^_^

  9. This idea is great, but I think it is impossible. If it works, we need to go to the port in Europe to take a boat to the United States, so players must purchase map DLC to ask the United States, so I don't think it will happen
  10. I think I like the mountain roads in ltaly, especially the scenery is particularly beautiful at sunest
  11. I think they need a truck with a lot of power so that they don't get bored
  12. I also hope that it will come out as soon as possible so that my truck can become beautiful
  13. I am looking forward to driving on the new road, it mush be very interesting
  14. I think the fastest accelerating vehicles are Scania and Volvo
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