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  1. Personally i like the idea of buses it brings something different to the game thank you TMP for spending your time to bring them in whenever i don't want to drive a truck some days i might want to use a bus at the moment i have been using them a lot ?
  2. It's time to show a new picture. The new drive along VTC colours. ?
  3. Travelling the lovely scenery of France ? ?
  4. On the roads of Austria ? Representing the colours of my VTC drive along ?
  5. Thank you for following Replay ❤️??

  6. Thank you for the follow bro. ❤️??

  7. Happy Birthday buddy hope you had a great day. ???

  8. United Convoys Convoy that i attended and was also supervisor for it. @Syllemylle
  9. That must not be it? Surely Nice setup. ?? Awesome studio buddy. ??? I just did a topic join in if you want. ??
  10. I love all the people that rage on the mic and complain that you slowed down around a corner on the C-D road. ???
  11. I would love to see other people's setups feel free to send them here. ?? Here is mine.
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