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  1. Personally i like the idea of buses it brings something different to the game thank you TMP for spending your time to bring them in whenever i don't want to drive a truck some days i might want to use a bus at the moment i have been using them a lot
  2. It's time to show a new picture. The new drive along VTC colours.
  3. Travelling the lovely scenery of France
  4. On the roads of Austria Representing the colours of my VTC drive along
  5. Thank you for following Replay ❤️🙂👍

  6. Thank you for the follow bro. ❤️🙂👍

    1. domonkos101


      Np Hughes! 😄

  7. Happy Birthday buddy hope you had a great day. 🎁🎂🎉

  8. United Convoys Convoy that i attended and was also supervisor for it. @Syllemylle
  9. That must not be it? Surely Nice setup. Awesome studio buddy. I just did a topic join in if you want.
  10. I love all the people that rage on the mic and complain that you slowed down around a corner on the C-D road.
  11. I would love to see other people's setups feel free to send them here. Here is mine.
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