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1.44 Local Modding Problem


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Hello everyone, We need your help!

What's been happening?

As of recent, the 1.44 Beta has blocked the ability to use local mods on any game saves. This is due to a change SCS has made within the code and how functions are called. We believe this change has "Unintentionally" blocked local mods from being loaded. All .addon_hookup mods you use in TruckersMP, will stop working as soon as the update rolls around. We need your help to stop this change

What can we do about this?

As a community we need to bring this to the attention of SCS Software in order to resolve the issue. The more members of the community supporting our message to SCS is our best chance to keep local modding alive and active in the community. I have created a feature request via the forums.

If you could reply to this post expressing your concern on the blocking of local mods or posting a generic support reply message such as "I am also having this issue, I hope SCS can resolve this". The more people responding to the post will help get recognition out there to SCS Software and have the best chance of this being resolved.

Forum Post: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=309812


SCS Developer has responded and it doesn't sound good. As expected, their intent was not to block local mods however this does not seem to change the fact that it is not returning

Max SCS Software has said;


well, this is not block as you see it.

what happened is that we fixed unit loading system to prevent silent loading of unit with incorrect type. those erros caused hard to track and hard to solve issues, if you load different unit type than expected, data in memory are broken and could cause crash even. this most pobably won't change as we need to work with correct data.

for moding are mentioned standard ways that are safe and proven. also modding of MP games is supported and will be easier and less strict as time goes. we are working on it still.
sorry for any inconvenience.

Insanux Mods Announcement - https://imgur.com/a/6RgRfg8

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Also from my side, since I started to love local mods, SCS should fix this problem, I also think it's stupid of SCS to do something like this, so many people have local mods on trucks & trailers and that should suddenly be impossible from SCS? that's stupid, I hope SCS will change this again so that we can continue to use local mods in 1.44. 

and Thanks for this Information. :HaulieLove:

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Hello everybody. 

This is an SCS move if you want to play with mods you will have to go to their MP where you can play with mods. It's the reason local mods stop giving. 

This has been a topic discussed many times on the forum. For me, TMP should bet on the possibility of playing with mods too, that's where I see the future. 

17 hours ago, Maxi. said:

Também do meu lado, desde que comecei a amar os mods locais, o SCS deve corrigir esse problema, também acho estúpido do SCS fazer algo assim, tantas pessoas têm mods locais em caminhões e trailers e isso de repente deve ser impossível do SCS ? isso é estúpido, espero que o SCS mude isso novamente para que possamos continuar usando mods locais em 1.44. 

e obrigado por esta informação.:HaulieAmor:

A question of Marking, if you want to play with mods go to their MP. ??

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Guest TheGameMP[DK]

In my eyes this is another blow against the community, I mean if you think about how much time and love is put into our local_mods trucks and that only we see that in the end,
I have read the comments in the scs forum and also the statement of SCS staff and that would be a reason for me to say up to here and no further, because the scs multiplayer with the limited capacity is no fun. I want to continue to drive with thousands of people online and customize my truck for me. but we can complain as we want we know the SCS policy regarding community wishes and requests.
So I think this will be a point of no return.


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I hope SCS can modify this function, we don't want to lose this function of the local mod, but this is a beta version may not be the latest version, please wait for the latest version update.


Kind regards,






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