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How often do you change the truck?


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I think I've only ever driven 2 trucks while on TMP. The first one I drove for 320k km and my current Scania is at 240k km, but I primarily only drive the CD road and things are a bit lower than true values as I used to go on Promods but on a cloned profile so I have one for TMP and one for Promods to avoid any potential issues and to avoid the dreaded "Content change detected" waiting time to load ?

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To be fair, I don't change my truck at all. My current truck I've had for around 300 hours of my entire play time on ETS2. It's pointless upgrading because it's powerful. I changed the livery often for example when I join a new VTC. I enjoy using DAF and the XF models so it would be stupid to change trucks anyways.

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