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  1. Hello guys, Coming into today's topic, SCS Software will release the New and most awaited truck the MAN TGX 2020 in a few hours. So, I decided to write a blog on what can we expect regarding features, etc. What can we expect with the NEW MAN? 1. According to many speculations in the SCS forum, we can only get a single 4x2 chassis option with 1 or 2 cab size options. [more options can come in the future] 2. When we come inside the cabin, we can get 2 cabin options with a fully digital instrumental cluster as well as an analog one with optional mirror cams. 3. We can get a few tunning options as a stock and many players would be happy if we get a MAN tunning to pack along with the release or shortly after the release or with the next update. 4. We can also get a truck and trailer paint job with Man skin similar to the DAF XG+. NOTE: - ALL THE ABOVE ARE MADE FROM AN IMAGINARY POINT OF VIEW AND FROM THE MOD THAT MANY OF USE IN SINGLE PLAYER
  2. Calais should get a complete rework from scratch
  3. Through YouTube. When I was searching for simulator games, I saw a Euro truck simulator looking realistic with Indian bus mods.
  4. I speak 4 Telugu Hindi English Tamil
  5. Hello everyone, In recent days, SCS Software has released new versions of ETS 2 and ATS. In this new update, we got Adaptive cruise control and emergency braking features. But, when TMP released the compatibility update then TMP didn't support that features in multiplayer platforms like ETS2MP and ATSMP. I would like to request the Staff of TMP to pls support the Atleqst Adaptive cruise control feature in upcoming updates. Thank you.
  6. I mostly use white or silver with a few black plastic parts. It makes me feel more realistic
  7. Hello everyone, I wanted to know how many people prefer a normal regular mirror instead of mirror cams. I feel that regular mirrors are a bit better coz we can have a very large view of what is coming back when compared to mirror cams.
  8. I speak 4 Telugu Hindi English A little french
  9. I don't think it's important to have a dedicated Discord server. but, almost all vtc uses a discord server coz it is easy to handle and manage their staff and other works like trackers,etc
  10. Can you tell me the resolution in brief, it may help many people with low-end PC @Maxi.. It would be very helpful.
  11. I usually use an Android but my whole family uses iphone
  12. I just watch some videos on YouTube related to some topics I wanted to know or a few videos related to my studiess
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