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  1. Everyone sends out personal preferences
  2. Krone trailers. I've been using them
  3. My favorite routes are the Calais Duisburg and promods mountain roads??
  4. Like this. I depend on the suitability of the truck to pull heavy goods, etc
  5. In this case, I don't know yet. But I can find it in steam Creative Workshop
  6. Unfortunately, not yet, but I can only drive a car. But I will think about it later.?
  7. Thank you for sharing interesting places
  8. 我更喜欢在加来交朋友. I prefer to make friends in Calais 有一次我专心的开着后面的车,一路跟我聊天,于是我开始尝试跟后面的小伙子聊天.?️ Once I was driving the car behind me and chatting with me all the way, so I began to try to chat with the young man behind me 有些人是善良的。例如,我在TruckersMP交朋友。?? Some people are kind. For example, I make friends at TruckersMP.
  9. I prefer driving in uncrowded places and crowded places. I prefer driving in crowded places to enjoy the traffic, but sometimes I also want to drive in non crowded places to enjoy the beauty of the map and the roads and scenery. In fact, in promods, you can enjoy the lonely scenery, some transportation and mines?️
  10. I prefer to Scania, but maybe I would say that every few weeks I go, I always use the same truck, and my truck and I have experienced many situations?
  11. I've tried many different trucks and colors, but I prefer red and blue??️
  12. I'm very excited and looking forward to your arrival. I can't wait!, Good luck to all participants. I hope it will be interesting. Maybe I will join!?
  13. For me, I still like to use accessories to build trucks so that I can make them look good.
  14. Yes, of course, the official map of promods, new cities and so on, and there are many cities that can visit more and more interesting places. It's great. There are many ways to walk. It's really a good creation. I'm surprised by the scenery in the promotional film
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