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Guest SD - SuddenDesu

Serious performance drops with Trucky, and VSpeditor causes crashes in ProMods.

Oh yes, this is a welcome feature. Thanks devs. ?

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Great update! Thanks Shawn as well as anybody else who helped out with it!


27 minutes ago, HomerSimpson16 said:

It doesnt say about ownable trailers like a trailer you have configured to match your truck. Does Ownable trailers work with it?


1 minute ago, SantiagoRL said:

One question....

Can i use Job Dispatcher for my own trailer?

 They confirmed on their Discord that it does not work with ownable trailers. Maybe it will come in a future update :thinking:.

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This is great for syncing jobs in TMP easily and quickly without having to load the save files every time you select jobs with, for example, trucky.


However, there are 2-3 things that are missing.

  1.  Search bar. (faster to find than scrolling through the entire list.)
  2.  See how long the job is. Add: (km / miles). example 2400 km.
  3. Then a box to click it for unexplored cities. (If it is possible, of course, it can be more tricky, maybe.)


I'm with you till the end of the line

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I hope to use the Job Dispatcher more frequently alongside the normal freight market jobs as it is not only useful for syncing your jobs with friends, but it also opens up greater autonomy to experiment with new routes and cargo types as it allows me to generate loads to places which are hard to find in the normal freight market list. 

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  • Game Developer

List of changes from 14th September 2021:

  • Jobs cannot be taken in the Job Dispatcher with an owned trailer anymore. This is not possible, anyway, and was only causing crashes. Support for owned trailers will come soon.
  • Fixed loading the default air horn in American Truck Simulator.
  • Fixed horns and air horns being stuck in rare cases.
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Game Developer

Discord Bot Developer

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