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ETS2 & ATS - Games or simulators?

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  1. 1. ETS2 and ATS are

    • 100% games 0% simulators (ETS2/ATS and simulator are the biggest differences except the fact they have "Simulator" in it's names)
    • 75% games 25% simulators (Still games, but with a bit of "simulator" in it
    • 50% games 50% simulators
    • 25% games 75% simulators (simulators, but still have some "game" features)
    • 0% games 100% simulators (a true simulators)

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They are definitely more simulators than games since that's their intention, but the general view of the game is that everyone will treat it differently...and we don't have to do things like pay taxes in it, so it's not a total simulator.

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I definitely prefer ETS2 over ATS, simply because I live in Germany, meaning I don't really know the American Road rules in depth. I'd say, as many others voted too, that both games are pretty good simulators with a few game aspects to not get them too complex to "learn". I like the fact that you can more or less set your game up in a way that you prefer to drive, as in more realistic settings or more game-like settings, which provides something for pretty much everyone.


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More games than simulations as everything is down to the key binding. Theoretically if you flip the switch you can it moving on the dashboard BUT... you still can't flick them by eg. your mouse courser (e.g. like in omsi, train simulator, some world of subways and most complicated - Microsoft flight simulator. If you consider fact that most of the things is being switched while you not moving should make a possibility to have (don't confuse with limited to) this feature. Every track that didn't came from mods is on automatic gearbox, obviously gas and brakes wouldn't be on it as we wouldn't see the road, and using stuff such as front screen wipers, horn etc. would more complicated so those stuff should be bound anyway. But think it would be a bit nicer for some people to be able to actually do it by mouse without need tu buy 10 button boxes or entire dashboard just to not use keyboard just to switch position or dipped headlight while just standing on the car park. We need to keep in mind that many of the features that we can see on the dashboard are unusable, probably because many people wouldn't know how and when to use them anyway.


What makes me think it's more a game is economy. As someone said you not paying taxes. Also prices for the transport are quite often much higher than they would actually be.


What makes it simulation?

  • Correct placing cities on the map
  • road rules (simplified but still)
  • physics (longer braking distance when raining) 
  • features (basic ones) we can use

But to be fair ETS2 and ATS aren't games created to simulate actual driving. They are made as simulation-like game for people to relax and chill. For younger (and maybe a few of the older ones) to show them how this work might be looking like. It's not a plane simulator that is suppose to make them know how to actually use it. If it would be overcomplicated game wouldn't make as much profit as it did because people would get frustrated and impatient so they wouldn't play it anymore.


That's why I am considering them more as a game than simulator. Probably if one day someone will release some proper simulator (which will be close to the real trucker job), some of the players will start playing it, but still not everyone.

WOW this was longer than I thought it will be 🙂

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I think ETS2 and ATS are a little bit more simulator then game as even though they have some game like features like xp, no crash models (yes I know there are mods for this but they are outdated a little), and keybinds. However, the immersion in the drives that it provides especially with the newer map expansions as well as the physics make it more of simulator. When combined with a wheel and the SimDashboard App, it really amps up the immersive factor. 

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