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  1. Both have positive parts and negative parts The SCS should implement more slots, many people are looking to play with modes and circulation, if the time reaches from the point of view of the players, many will play on the SCS
  2. 3..4 hours per Day.. În weekend, 5..6 hours
  3. Volvo FH, over 930.000 km...
  4. I want to see more respect.. Tandems..
  5. I make with this truck 930 k km is my baby
  6. I've forgotten since I started playing it, anyway something like 6..7 years .. now I have friends, a beautiful community I belong to and when I want to feel good, I play
  7. I discovered it by chance, I played, then I bought it and the adventure began
  8. If I earned that money, first of all I would take a house and what I need in it, then a better car, I would invest in other houses to rent them, to have a money insured in the future, probably i pay the debts of closer friends.
  9. I'm not interested in a specific brand, to look good on the truck
  10. It has happened to me many times, so wait for it to happen to you again, my frustration is that this type of players who do these things on purpose, should take permanently ban directly, but this does not happen, too bad ...
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