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  1. It is acceptable, but I have a problem with the lights at night, if you turn on the high beam it should be stronger, but it is a bit weak, below my expectations
  2. i started with daf xf 105, i really liked playing with it, but i wanted something better not to have problems with heavier loads, so i play with a volvo fh ... i have over 860,000 with it
  3. Salut Anubis If you kept asking, I have over 1800 hours in play and over 860 k km with the same truck
  4. they didn't do very well with the lights, at night even with the ones on the ceiling you don't see anything anymore..The ones in the bullbar together with the ones on the ceiling should light up much better, in reality they blind your eyesight.
  5. This is also my opinion, if now at 110 km / h I don't know how to drive? Over 110 I wreak havoc and disturb those who go normally
  6. go and play need for speed,this is a truck simulator,not race simulator...because of those like you and your thinking, the rest of us suffer, because you do not stay within the limit of 90-100, thus causing accidents
  7. I don't like small cars, so I would prefer tandem in the near future, however we are in a game for trucks, not for cars.
  8. The community I belong, has participated in many convoys with the French communities and we had the pleasure, we do not have a problem to make such meetings.
  9. I discovered the game a long time ago, at least 6 years ago, I play it with pleasure and to relax with my friends ...
  10. it's a very bad idea, now there are so many players who they believe in gta5, so if you give them more power? No thank
  11. it's a good idea, but only for those who want it, i'd rather have a camera attached to the back of the trailer, see what's going on in the back
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