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Hello there! We are very proud to announce that a new version has been released!   Features Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ c3e92e6b39de ], [

List of changes from 22nd December 2020: Added a new permanent paint job for Patrons! Removed the Patreon 1st Year Celebration paint job. Removed the Frosty Winter Weather Mod -

Right, so you're saying that we are ignoring your video evidence, yet you're the one ignoring the fact that we clearly stated that you are abusing the winter physics in a way that they shouldn't be us

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1 hour ago, dragonslayingmaster1000 said:

You should try to fix the sound issues where all car sounds and truck horns don't work in places with too many players nearby which seems to be as little as 3-4.


That's to do with FMOD and has been said to be an issue in the 1.39 blog post. It is likely going to take some time to fix this. Repeatedly asking won't speed this process up one bit. It'll happen when it happens.


"Sounds not working correctly in high traffic density, due to FMOD sound engine complications."


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