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  1. Hello. Today I was driving down kirkenes and saw triple tanker. And double locomotive. I am wondering if someone can explain how to save edit trailers? Thanks for any help I would really appreciate it a lot! (Mods, I tried finding right place to post this but I hate forums and I have no idea if this is the right place to ask, if not please can you move this to where it needs to be asked? Thanks!)
  2. English: Hello, Today, I earned enough money to buy my first bi-train trailer. So I have a question: Are some trailers better than others? Whitch is the whorthest ? ... I am Lvl 30 (max everywhere exept in eco-driving) Ty for your answers. Francais: Bonjour, comme je suis francais, je préfererais avoir des réponses francaises mais des réponses anglaises me vont tres bien aussi. Je m'explique: j'en arrive au moment dans le jeu où j'achette ma premiere double remorque et j'aimerais savoir si il y a une différence entre 2 remorques (par exemple bachée
  3. kenmilsom

    Bugger !

    Whats with trailers spawning upside down ? It cost me 12K to leave contract. GRRRRR !!
  4. Hello, I have an HCT trailer in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. Will I break the traffic rules in Europe if I go outside of Switzerland (for example, to Dusseldorf or Calais)? And I would also like to know the duration of the block for such a violation (if there is one)?
  5. Hi ! I would like to get informations about trailers we can buy ! Wich one is the most profitable ? How can I improve the price per kilometer ? Do I need to level up and get skills/aptitude for "longue distance" ; "high value merchandise"; etc ? Thank you guy's for all your answers ! The sever 1 europ has 4500 slots available : Do you think that later, we will have more players and more slots ? Thank you guy's ! MrNefrax#
  6. Right, I think this is the classic question. How do you configure your game, what do you actually do to be able to have jobs with HCT Trailers within England and all the countries. I really want to be able to, so any solution is acceptable :) Thank you!
  7. Wouldn't it be a good idea, if VTC owners were allowed to have a trailer skin for the vtc that the players of that vtc could use but only activated when used though truck books but also only applies to a certain number of players in the VTC
  8. What Do You Think About This Trailer? Show Me Your Own Trailers.
  9. (Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to be asking about this.) Currently experiencing an intermittent bug/issue when trailers for me to collect spawn in the trailer areas. Sometimes they bounce upwards/flip over and get damaged. Seems to only happen when playing multiplayer. Don't have any evidence of this happening but happy to try and capture it next time. Let me know if you need anymore information. Many thanks, Jackersaurus.
  10. Suggestion format: Addition of new trailers for the car (Skouda) existing in the game ETS 2. Suggestion Name: New trailers and loads. Description of suggestion: It consists of new trailers and their respective loads. Being the types of new types of trailers and loads. It establishes a greater realism between the type of trailer / cargo, between its points of origin and destination. Adds the need to sleep 01 mandatory, in proper resting area, while carrying tourist trailer load. This will make it more appealing to players who want to make loads with c
  11. Hi, I was wondering how to get those trailers ?
  12. Hi Everyone; Today I'll show you how to get the caravan trailer. Firstly after you get the car come to "Free Work". Find the "Caravan" trailer here and set the GPS. Then follow the GPS and perform the trailer connections. Trailer with Car is Ready! Note: This trailer is completely legal but only for Car. Best Regards.
  13. Can i use the 385/65 michelin front truck wheel in the trailer wheel? Is it free to use?
  14. Suggestion Name: Certification system for people who want to drive double or triple trailers in areas currently locked. Suggestion Description: This idea is to implement a system of trusted drivers to have special permissions where otherwise areas restricted. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Everywhere I go. I see comments on people wanting the doubles and triples to be allowed in Germany and else where. I can accept that C-D Will always be a NO for them. But I would really like to see something like this happen. If we can have rewards
  15. I wrote the tag "I can do anything" with I not i, but it lowered it, I know that i is not correct, I is correct. Hello, I'd like to ask if is allowed park double trailers in "I can do anything" difficulty (If it is possible.)? I don't see any reason why not, but I just want to ask. And I would like to ask why I/we can't delete reports? And I would like to ask why is there restricted area for double trailers? what's the purpose?
  16. I was wondering if there is a simple trailer editor where I can edit trailers to be like this one ? I've looked for one on steam and so far no luck !! Because when I am not recording I would like to explore more of the baltic dlc expansion !!
  17. In single player mode there are several trucks with different trailers. What I suggest is to let drivers be able to buy some kind of trailer from those that aren't in the store, such as the tanker. Why should it be added?: Basically so that all drivers can have other types of custom trailers, instead of constantly having the same rectangular trailers and also just as extra trailer/s. In my opinion, it would not be a bad idea But I don't know if other drivers will like the idea, because nobody talked about it yet :/
  18. New Admin Vehicle Costumization Options: Suggestion Description: Hello Everyone. I got a new suggestion to make regarding the paintjobs that admins could use in truckersmp. I spoke to some admins and we came to a conclusion that some of them still prefer trucks over cars. So how could we solve this. First of all i would like to propose on an idea we came up with. As many of truckersmp players know. There is a paintjob specificly used by admins with blue lights ofcourse. So my question is: Why not add a police skin for trucks that are already available i
  19. Hi! I know it's not exactly problem that concern to a multiplayer, but I thought you might help me with that. I have no idea how to assign my trailer to one of my drivers. Is that even possible? After 1.32 update my business is going down for some reason and I think it's beacuse driver needs to own his trailer. I looked for it in google, and found nothing. Thanks a lot for every comment. (And sorry for my english).
  20. Hey guys! This might be a nooby question but how can I use my own custom made skins in online. I've created my own trailer skin but it wont show in online. Is there a way for them to show online. Thanks
  21. Hello dear TruckersMP Add-On Team I would like to suggest that we can use Special Transport trailers In-Game. It is not allowed atm but I found a mod that removes the escort vehicles. If you could add the mod, we can use the trailers. Greetings, [WTLVTC] Klaibasler
  22. Hi guys! Here's a quick and handy guide from the latest release of the 1.32 TMP update which can be detailed here: You can also see the Official news of the map from TruckersMP here: In the notes it's released that you ARE able to drive with Double Trailers in Central Europe. However NOT in the Middle of Europe. (Calais - Hannover - Liege - Hamburg) So to clarify the area you can not use double trailers in, below is a map showing the outline Officially from TruckersMP. So as you can see the restriction starts on the Edge of Calais, Heads down th
  23. Hello. Recently I have brought the Special Transport DLC and was sad I had to be kicked due to unsupported DLC Suggestion Name: Special Transport DLC support Suggestion Description:Adding support for the Special Transport DLC even though I know it will/can be hard due to other players being able to see the DLC Any example images: No Why should it be added?: For someone like me who have brought the DLC for the sole reason to use it MP it would be really nice to have that option
  24. one more question will be allowed to buy trailers for the MP?
  25. Hello, I can't find a Tutorial for 1.31 for ats and ets2 to skin, I have try them all but none of them seem to be working, Can I get some help please on why they ant working? (this is for Single player, not MP!!!)
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