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  1. Happy Birthday i wish you a very nice day! Enjoy the day with your family and friends ❤️

  2. Every time I start profile it comes out and appears this how to solve? https://imgur.com/a/x3w2Axm
  3. your Ping tends to be absurdly loud? This happens because, as fast as your internet speed is, the distance between your computer and the place you are trying to access drastically affects the data transmission and response time. try resetting your internet.
  4. Those first responders to this Post will go to heaven,
    I'm kidding, you do not have to answer to go to heaven: D
    Do good always

  5. Does anyone know why this is happening? https://imgur.com/a/qgVT8gg
  6. still can not change, more to use the standard CB radio is the X key
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