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Found 25 results

  1. Hi! I know it's not exactly problem that concern to a multiplayer, but I thought you might help me with that. I have no idea how to assign my trailer to one of my drivers. Is that even possible? After 1.32 update my business is going down for some reason and I think it's beacuse driver needs to own his trailer. I looked for it in google, and found nothing. Thanks a lot for every comment. (And sorry for my english).
  2. Hirxchi

    Custom skins online?

    Hey guys! This might be a nooby question but how can I use my own custom made skins in online. I've created my own trailer skin but it wont show in online. Is there a way for them to show online. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone; Today I'll show you how to get the caravan trailer. Firstly after you get the car come to "Free Work". Find the "Caravan" trailer here and set the GPS. Then follow the GPS and perform the trailer connections. Trailer with Car is Ready! Note: This trailer is completely legal but only for Car. Best Regards.
  4. New Admin Vehicle Costumization Options: Suggestion Description: Hello Everyone. I got a new suggestion to make regarding the paintjobs that admins could use in truckersmp. I spoke to some admins and we came to a conclusion that some of them still prefer trucks over cars. So how could we solve this. First of all i would like to propose on an idea we came up with. As many of truckersmp players know. There is a paintjob specificly used by admins with blue lights ofcourse. So my question is: Why not add a police skin for trucks that are already available in steam workshop? (i am aware that the skins would have to be modified.) Thats what i would like to suggest. Also i suggest that blue light beacons would be added to the trucks. And even Police trailers skins should be available for the admins to use. i would like to suggest that they should be reflective aswell. Any Example Images? Pictures are unavailable atm. Why Should This Be Added? So why should this be implemented. Well it would give admins more choices of ,,patrolling" i believe it could make the game more realistic (because police trucks already exist to carry equipment etc.) Also from my point of view its always nice to see something different than cars and if the skins are going to look nice and it will allow the administrators drive and finish jobs. I dont see anything negative than adding work to the addon team. So what other advantages does it have then improving realism. Well it adds more options for admins which means more freedom of choice. I will be happy to find out your opinions and ideas/suggestions. And also ill be happy to know if its possible to make or not. Thank you for reading this. And i want to wish you a nice day. Sincerly, Matthew P. / TheGoodGuy1515
  5. Asierrayo*

    More custom trailers

    In single player mode there are several trucks with different trailers. What I suggest is to let drivers be able to buy some kind of trailer from those that aren't in the store, such as the tanker. Why should it be added?: Basically so that all drivers can have other types of custom trailers, instead of constantly having the same rectangular trailers and also just as extra trailer/s. In my opinion, it would not be a bad idea But I don't know if other drivers will like the idea, because nobody talked about it yet :/
  6. klaibasler

    [ADD-ON] Special Transport

    Hello dear TruckersMP Add-On Team I would like to suggest that we can use Special Transport trailers In-Game. It is not allowed atm but I found a mod that removes the escort vehicles. If you could add the mod, we can use the trailers. Greetings, [WTLVTC] Klaibasler
  7. Jaystar1itall

    Question on the /fix command

    So I've been thinking ever since the 1.32 trailer update had been announced about the /fix command and how it currently works. For those that don't know or haven't had to use it yet /fix fixes your truck in one of those "I'm stuck in the middle of the road and my engine won't start" situations. the way it currently is it will fix your truck ONLY if you have a trailer attached and doesn't fix the trailer probably due to people that would abuse it to turn in perfect trailers even though they drove like maniacs the whole way there. My question is with the introduction (and support on multiplayer now (Thank you game team for the hard work to get it up so soon)) will the /fix command stay the same and only fix the truck OR will there be some check implemented so that if the player is hauling a trailer they own (as in actually purchased and not just picked up from the job site) will it fix both truck and trailer but NOT the cargo? Since the new cargo market exists there is now a third damage counter so I didn't know if there was some way to check that so the people who are driving around with their own trailers don't get punished by the lag and usual assortment of trouble on the roads for deciding to run them instead of hauling normal freight market. Personally I would like a check to be able to fix our own trailers as well but if its something that currently is unable to be done or will take some time, I would still like to toss the idea into the ring.
  8. Hi guys! Here's a quick and handy guide from the latest release of the 1.32 TMP update which can be detailed here: You can also see the Official news of the map from TruckersMP here: In the notes it's released that you ARE able to drive with Double Trailers in Central Europe. However NOT in the Middle of Europe. (Calais - Hannover - Liege - Hamburg) So to clarify the area you can not use double trailers in, below is a map showing the outline Officially from TruckersMP. So as you can see the restriction starts on the Edge of Calais, Heads down through Lille to the Edge of Reims and then Strasbourg. From there it goes up to Mannheim, to the right of Frankfurt up through Erfert and Magdeburg to the top ending just underneath Hamburg. Hopefully this clears up any confusion over where you can and can not drive with doubles and as long as you don't use doubles in this area you shouldn't get into trouble. Happy Trucking and thanks for reading!
  9. bob roager

    Support for Special Transport DLC

    Hello. Recently I have brought the Special Transport DLC and was sad I had to be kicked due to unsupported DLC Suggestion Name: Special Transport DLC support Suggestion Description:Adding support for the Special Transport DLC even though I know it will/can be hard due to other players being able to see the DLC Any example images: No Why should it be added?: For someone like me who have brought the DLC for the sole reason to use it MP it would be really nice to have that option
  10. MichaelLima2017


    one more question will be allowed to buy trailers for the MP?
  11. Hello, I can't find a Tutorial for 1.31 for ats and ets2 to skin, I have try them all but none of them seem to be working, Can I get some help please on why they ant working? (this is for Single player, not MP!!!)
  12. Mandarin Adam

    Renault Dorse Modu (MP)

    Fransa DLC Eklenti Paketi Olmadan Multiplayerda Çalışmaz! Görseller: [Göreseller Alıntıdır.] Schwarzmuller Eklentisine Ait Dorse: Not: Birden fazla aynı mod oyunda çökmeye sebep olabilir. Mod tüm oyuna ait dorselerde çalışmaktadır. Fransa DLC eklenti paketi olmadan multiplayerda çalışmaz!. Dorseler 1-25 Ton arasında çıkmaktadır Test Edilen Sürüm: 1.30x Yapımcı Black Sky Orjinal Konu → Normal Oyuna Ait Dorse Modunu İnirmek İçin Tıkla ← → Schwarzmuller Eklentisine Ait Dorse Modunu İndirmek İçin Tıkla ←
  13. Unearthed

    Trailers for convoys

    Hello guys! I am having difficulty to understand how to participate in convoys regarding trailers. Very often there is no trailer for the exact route - town A to town B. But if I take a trailer for a completely different town which is in another direction at some point I will start to hear the music that tells me I am delaying my delivery. Can you give me some clarification and tips on how to deal with finding a appropriate trailer for a convoy? thanks!
  14. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    double trailers

    When they are going to insert double trailers in multiplayer, for years the developers show videos in the trailers, but they are not inserted into the game, I think they should create a server only to play with double trailers with some restrictions. Whoever wants to play with the doubles would enter a server and whoever does not want to play with the double trailers plays on another server normally Video: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-TNFMyk6JE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNIn_P8wxmw
  15. [/t/t/t - AS] Anarchy [ENG/NL]

    Sii Editing Trailers (Allowed or not ?)(Question)

    (Feel free to move this topic if posted in the wrong thread) So i have got a Question for the admins, @Forerunner Are you allowed to Edit trailers? .Sii editing of course. 1. They do not have larger hitboxes then the standard ingame hitboxes of these trailers (and cargo's). 2. These trailers do not contain any truck or car parts. 3. The blue Trailer as show is in the base game. ( if not mistaken) under /def/vehicle/trailer/truck_transporter/chassis.sii 4. the cargo's are from the base game (or from supported dlc's in multiplayer)( S.a. : SchwartzMüller dlc and High Power Cargo pack) 5. These should work in Mp and shouldn't give a auto kick So my question is. Are these allowed? If so i might release them as mods in the foreseeable future Examples: Base game Trailer + Base game cargo High Power Cargo Pack + Base game trailer http://imgur.com/f7UaLnI (Cargo's larger hitbox) Using the height ofset from the SchwarzMüller dlc
  16. I want to know how I can get a painted trailer on ATSMP.
  17. czy jest szansa na dodatek który umożliwi zakup naczep wraz z ich personalizacją taką jak dla ciągników? p.s co z tandemami?? i może by tak wycofać te skody albo jakos ograniczyc ?
  18. S p a r k i e

    MP Has Been Made Unplayable.

    If I have the Schwarzmuller DLC enabled, I cant get any trailers due to the *Trailer Unsupported* message. If I have the Schwarzmuller DLC disabled, I get fatal crashes VERY often. Thus, unplayable. Only happens on ETS2MP. (It has the DLC)
  19. rebootdancer

    Modded trucks help? Allowed or not?

    Am I allowed to mod in a new truck? Like a newer truck or older one? Just the truck and addons that come with it not a super fast car or anything. I check the mods that are approved and have no idea if custom modded truck are allowed. For example instead of the W900 Kenworth can get a Mac Pinnacle or something along those lines?
  20. rebootdancer

    Modded trucks help? Allowed or not?

    Am I allowed to mod in a new truck? Like a newer truck or older one? Just the truck and addons that come with it not a super fast car or anything. I check the mods that are approved and have no idea if custom modded truck are allowed. For example instead of the W900 Kenworth can get a Mac Pinnacle or something along those lines?
  21. Wolus

    Wieści o Road Train

    Witam, jakis czas temu mwl4 na swoim kanale youtube dodał 2 nowe ciekawe filmiki stąd moje pytanie: 1.Czy planujecie w najbliższym czasie dodanie Double Trailers do MP ?? 2. Jeśli nie, To prosze o wydanie moda dla singla ... A tutaj załączam nowe filmiki mwl4:
  22. I saw someone driving witha trailer with cows in it how do you get that trailers? Is it a DLC? or where can i download it , Someone can help me?
  23. gameboy3307

    No loads

    When i first load the game i click on the loads icon and pickupa load (i dont own my own truck FYI) and when i log in and dilever the load i got back to do another one and all loads are gone PLZ HELP!!!!
  24. TuNGuSSoW

    Double trailers

    Good afternoon ... I'm sorry , did not say in English - I write through an interpreter I remember that obschanie of two trailers were when the economy will ... So this time I 'm writing , I know that developers are busy MP , and that adequate information on the timing The implementation of this method. To look forward to it . if you can read the forum and the developers wanted to answ
  25. Source: http://blog.scssoft.com/ One of the many problems we are coping with when building American Truck Simulator is handling the trailers. The regulations for overall tractor and trailer length are mostly stricter across Europe, and this made our life easier when designing the intersections and teaching the AI truck drivers to take the turns there. In the ATS road system, we are pursuing two goals that are a bit difficult to combine for our tech - including a choice of longer trailers and yet at the same time spicing up the game by having tighter places to maneuver through. We believe that we have come up with the right creative solutions to crack this problem, and we hope that you will enjoy the trailer variety and driving challenge.