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  1. I have seen a lot of tripple trailers lately, and I the longest one I know of are HTC. I don't mean these, even though these are tripple trailers, I mean the normal tripple trailers. I'mn't sure how they have gotten it, but is it new feature in truckersMP?
  2. I'm sorry that I wasn't more specific. Of course I have my game set to "km/h", but, when I enter city, it shows me "maximal speed X kph". I was just wondering if there is any way to change that message by editing truckersMP config file, or something like that.
  3. Is there any way to set the game to show me km/h instead of kph? Why am I asking? Because it's incorrect.
  4. beenz, I now marked best answer, I don't know if system automatically informs you about that. Lasse, that makes sense, cars have worse handling than truck from my experience, they are more vulnerable to bumps, eg. when road has hole, and your car instantly goes in random direction resulting in crash.
  5. Because truckersMP is moving to simulation, I would like to ask, how is it and how will it be with cars on autobahn? Because german highways have ∞ km/h speed limit, which speed limit will apply to driver of car? ∞ km/h or 100 km/h?
  6. So no 150 km/h collision servers? 110 km/h IS VERY SLOW, but well, as they said to prevent not well-bread people. Though I hope that will change. At LEAST to 130 km/h.
  7. I guess answer will be forever/for long time unknown. Please (Talking to admin that checks this comment.) close this discussion.
  8. Well, I am not sure if I said it correctly/you didn't get it or I didn't get your answer, but it was like this.: I was rammed by someone, I used his video as evidence (He made it public.), and used it against him, but unfortunately moderator didn't accept that evidence and said I would like to ask why is it like that, even though I have evidence. If someone could explain why you can't use someone else's evidence even though, in that evidence is recorded person (That guy who rammed into me.) ramming into me. (This is actually what happened.).
  9. Hello, I would like to ask why if someone does something to you (Like ramming.) and you didn't record, but the other guy (Who rammed into you.) did record, why can't you use his evidence as he rammed into you? I know there is rule why you can't post someone's else evidence, but I would understand it if (The guy who rammed.) rammed into someone else, but I don't understand it why when someone rams into you, why can't you use his evidence. Is there any reason for that? (I would prefer answer from someone who knows the answer (Doesn't think, but knows.).). Ths (Thanks.).
  10. Why? Either your report will be accepted or an admin will decline it. Because I don't want to get punished/make more work for admin team. @TheCreepyTruckr --- "If we can park double trailers..." was meant like if it is allowed on tmp, I know I can activate it. I'll go edit that. --- And my opinion on double trailers, I think there just would need to be rule to not go with them to area with lot of people instead of blocking whole germany (If the theory is because there is already lot of people.) but that is just admin's team thing. --- sorry for late reply...
  11. I wrote the tag "I can do anything" with I not i, but it lowered it, I know that i is not correct, I is correct. Hello, I'd like to ask if is allowed park double trailers in "I can do anything" difficulty (If it is possible.)? I don't see any reason why not, but I just want to ask. And I would like to ask why I/we can't delete reports? And I would like to ask why is there restricted area for double trailers? what's the purpose?
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