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  1. Hi! If i want to upload a video report, what do i have to do? I know, to i have to put in a link where the Moderators can check it (for example Youtube). I did it. But if i want to moderators find the rule-braker player, do i have to write in /pinfo in-game, during the recording to the moderators get the TruckersMP ID of the rule-braker player? Thank you for the answer.
  2. Hi! I just had a very short question in terms of the report system (Just wanted to know for future reference) I don't report EVERYONE that bumps me or anything like that, but when I KNOW it was on purpose, you can bet for sure there is going to be a report going their way. So just a question in relation to two options in the report system. 1. Griefing 2, Cheating What are each of these and when should I report someone with these options? I mean, Ramming is obvious, but I don't exactly understand how griefing can happen other than deliberately ramming or deliberately blocking (Which they both have their own options) So basically, and explanation as to what classifies as griefing and cheating and when I should report someone would be a huge help, as it has been driving me up the wall haha. Thanks guys!
  3. Hello! I need some Support, i tryed to play the game after my ban expired, now i cannot play, because the game crashes if i load a Profile in ETS2MP (Only in ETS2MP, SP is working fine.) I made an new Profile, still not working, i downgrade my ETS2 after posting this, maybe that will help. PasteBin: http://pastebin.com/aJN1LKnR Greetings, CubeXDE
  4. Dear admins... I´m very sad because I´ve got unfairly ban... I got it in Europoort ... there was crash and after then traffic jam. I was going fast from highway (I saw them at the last minute) and I overtook 4 trucks ... (I didn´t have trailer) .. If I didn´t overtake them ,I´d crashed into them and make new colison.... it would be bigger mistake .... and i got ban for it...... I have video ... you can watch it .. So please give me Unban... it was my First and last mistake.. i won´t do it twice :
  5. I have a video of a person ramming my friend, which I would like to send to the mods using the report system, but I cannot find their TruckersMP name when I look for them. Can someone help me please? Oh yeah, and can the mods move this to the "Help" section? Sorry.
  6. Możliwe jest zreportowanie np 2 graczy w 1 raporcie oddzielając ich ets mp ID parę razy spacją lub dodając and? Lepiej napisać jeden raport niż dwa oddzielne. Jest to wykonalne bez odrzucenia raportu?
  7. I wrote a report and needed to write the ID. Well easy i wrote it but the weird thing is that i see another name than in my screenshot. Why is that? Can they just quit the game so they can't get reported? This is the second time this has happend. Or do i write my own ID?
  8. Hi...sorry when its wrong here..... i want to use the report system, but i cant enter the Name of the Perpetrator . any help ? thank you greets from Germany
  9. Hi ATS Community Since today (16th February, 1:25 pm) there is an new update. When I start my Multiplayer there is an error. The error said that I should reinstall the Multiplayer. After I did that, I have got the same error. Greets Vullpreya
  10. Zablokowany wyjazd z serwisu w Berlinie Parę osób prosiło o nagranie więc wrzucam
  11. I was wondering about that. Doesn't seem to be hugely important in getting the report dealt with but it would be good to be unambiguous. The form should mention the time zone. JavaScript could be used to let the reporter use their own time zone, which would probably improve overall reliability. Still tell them that you're doing so.
  12. I wanted to report a player that crashed with me, but when I try and file a report a get an error that player ID does not exist. But it does I have photo proof. image hosting over 5mb imgurl
  13. Topic Title: Report system is not working ETS2MP ID: 76561198168161407 URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198168161407/ Server Time / Date: - How to reproduce: Manage - Report System - Create Report - Fill in the blanks - Submit - Cannot create your report Screenshots / Videos: None I highly recommend to have an admin online in game, or create a working report system, because now your in game report system isn't working because there is no admin online (which in my oppinion is ridiculous because there are 1000+ players online) and your report system on this website isn't functional. Regards , Rob
  14. Hi im having trouble delivering trailers in ets2 multiplayer, when i go to detach my trailer (with the outline where the trailer should go is green) it just detaches and doesn't bring up the screen where you get your final results on how much money you got etc. The pics are all too big files
  15. Whenver I play nowadays the game always crashes, especially in busy areas. Its been doing it for a while now and I was hoping a patch would be released to solve this but it hasnt as of yet. When will there be a fix? Its starting to get rediculous now. MP used to work so nicely. Ah well.
  16. Mod Version: 0.1.3 R3 Controllers Used: PX-1800 gaming keyboard Description of Issue: Every time when i try to embark from Harwich to Rotterdam/Euro Poort, it crashes. Constantly. It won't let me get into EP. How to reproduce: I'm currently on the mission "Ammunition". I'm not 100% sure if the mission is the cause of this crash. Could be something to do with the trailer on this mission. Screenshots / Videos: None. edit: P.S: I had to quit this mission. I have been trying for over 20 minutes and it just keeps crashing. Also I have tried to embark without and mission and it works. I am 95% sure that this mission has something wrong with it.
  17. Mod Version: Version 0.1.3 R3 Controllers Used: PX-1800 gaming keyboard Description of Issue: Players names are not appearing on top of their trucks at times. Also the "tab" feature where you can see who is near you does not work when this bug occurs. How to reproduce: I have no idea how to reproduce, it seems like it happens at random moments. Screenshots / Videos: Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9_KWc5JVHQ&feature=youtu.be
  18. Arcano


    Hi there! Well, i try to register in the Home web to play ETS2 Online but i can't cuz i get a message which reads: Unable to connect to steam api. Any solution?, i tested with 3 computers and the same problem...
  19. Hello. I am pretty annoyed since it's taken almost half a month for the developers to solve this crashing issue that everyone is having... When are they planning to fix it? It crashes every 5 mins in a city especially next to euro poort / rotterdam. I have seen SO many players complaining too so I can clearly see I am not the only one having this issue still... Also I have a bug report. It is raining almost constantly =/ it happens with the snow mod and without it.. It even rains when it's sunny. It's been affecting a few of my friends too
  20. Hello! Please help me my game ALWAYS crashes everywhere in the game.. It is REALLY REALLY annoying.. Mod Version: Latest version 0.1.3R2 Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: An appication fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers? P.S I only use one mod which is the mod downloaded with the client (winter mod) I have uninstalled and re installed both multiplier and single player.. nothing happened.. It's obviously something to do with your client version of this game. It's nothing to do with my computer at all.
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