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  1. I know I am bad driver, I got ban 3 times this month, just want to know is my next ban will be 1 month and the sixth ban will be permanently? https://truckersmp.com/user/1203981 I also got kick or in game ban for 0 sec are those count? Will the number of bans decrease over time? What should /can I do??? Please, help! Thanks
  2. STCB

    Connect error

    When I try to load the game a window pop up said: An error occurred while contacting our update servers (Systern.Net.WebException. The remomote server returned an erroe: (522) Origin Connection Time-out. at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadDatalnternal(Uri address, WebRequest& request) at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadString(Uri address) at LauncherV2.MainWindow.GetProjects()). Press ok to try again or cancle to visit download page. I try to restart my computer and reinstall it but I still got the same problem. Help Please.
  3. Suggestion Name: Adding leader boards in game Suggestion Description: Just like a motel or car dealer you drive in to an area and you can see the top 10 stat for different areas such as (distance drove, number of delivery, ect) Any example images: Why should it be added?: Set goals for yourself and compete with other driver.
  4. I am playing in Europe 2 and i keep seeing people going way faster than me. When i go to gameplay in setting. the icon next to truck speed limiter is solid black, I can't do anything with it. How to fix it? Thanks
  5. Go to "Task Manager" and End all ETS2 Apps or Background processes.
  6. Go to "Task Manager" and End all ETS2 Apps or Background processes.
  7. Go to "Task Manager" and End all ETS2 Apps or Background processes.
  8. Every time when I try to load my saved game, all the jobs in quick job is impossible to finish on time "5 min". After I finish the job with a late delivery, there are no more jobs in the quick job. I need to restart the game to let the new job load. Anyone have this problems? How to fix it? Is it a bug?
  9. Today is my first day play MP. In 30 min there are more than 3 ppl said reporting me. Really?? Yes and their reason is crazy. 1) Someone report me because I stop in an intersection to wait for my turn? 2) Someone report me because my truck "stall" Yes, I stop in the road but I need time to press (F7) to call for help... 3) Someone report me because I am trying to back in and block his view? Can someone tell me how the system work? Can the staff see the replay?
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