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  1. Starting my tours for today. Feel free to join ;).


    #RespectRules #English/German #AllDLCs

  2. Further Details: Logitech G27 Beyerdynamics MMX 300 Razer Black Widow Ultimate Roccat Kone XTD+
  3. Guys, i do one or two tours in a few minutes. Feel free to join ;).


    #EnglishOrGerman #RespectRules #AllDLCs

  4. So ive just to insert the direct URL of the YouTube-Clip? Oh yeah, while that answers approval is pending i figured out what you mean. I love that site here :). (And thanks for your fast response - as always ).
  5. Hey guys, whats the best way to embed clips from YouTube in my posts on the forum here? Just insert the embed-code from the clip direct in the answering-window? Or click on "Code" on that status-bar up here, choose "html" and insert it in the upcoming window? Best regards, _______ Futju
  6. Anyone outthere who wanna Drive and Talk together in a few minutes?


    #RespectTrafficRules #English&German

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    2. Prototype


      I can do TeamSpeak

    3. Futju


      Ok, cool ;).

      (Watch your PM ;) )

  7. Anyone around, who wanna drive a short tour now?


    #respectTrafficrules #English&German

  8. Searching for one or 2 mates driving around with me.

    German prefered, english also possible. All DLCs installed here.


    #withCargo #respectRules 


    1. Futju


      Would be great @Anriandor ;). Lets see, when we can meet together.

      (tomorrow only in the evening, around 10pm UTC+1).


  9. Futju

    Rotating lights

    Is this a generell prohibition? Or is it enough to turn off after the admins order? @ScaniaT
  10. Fast as hell and helpfull as everytime. I just started to love this forum, thanks @DesertEagle26! Best regards, ________ Futju
  11. Hey guys, here is a short question: Are the spawn-times from the "spawn-log" (documents-folder) set to UTC-time? (utc-0) I ask, because i live in germany - and if this times are sticked to my system-time i have to consider that when reporting. Thanks in advance, __________ Futju
  12. Youre LogIn data are similar to youre ets2mp.com LogIn-specs.
  13. ###Guys - JUST download THIS archive and this "damaged archive"-thing is gone### http://ul.to/42uhmoxn (and better learn to read the posts in threads and dont just get to the last page telling "ive a problem"...) Or repair it: Start Winrar > browse to the Package-Destination > rightclick and choose "repair" > "handle as zip" and choose "ok" > then try to extract the appeared "rebuilded" package Just to say it, downloading from the link above should be faster for a newbie trying repair... ____________________________________________________________ Have problems with typing in the "@" on the LogIn-screen? Just tab out to windows, type in youre email-adress somewhere, copy it (mark the whole adress, then press "strg + c" or right click and choose "copie"), tab back to ets 2, choose the Email-input field and press "strg" + "v" (same time) @Max Power - how the god should reinstalling of ETS 2/MP-mod fix this problem, which only complete sticks to the archive? Please be carefull with youre tips and dont waste anybodays time for nothing. If you read the last pages you realize, that youre not the first member with this (uneffective) proposal - many users tried this before without success.
  14. No problem mate, searched also for a solve and played now the last 3 hours. Have a nice ride and maybe lets see on the roads .
  15. Prey to me guys: http://ul.to/42uhmoxn (dl it from a spammy youtuber -.-)
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