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Found 115 results

  1. Are you tired of recording videos of the game using some external software that takes up the valuable resources of your computer? Do you waste your time editing long videos to make reports? Here we have the solution. But what is this? Windows 10 includes a feature called Game DVR to record video within any verified game, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator fall into that category. This function is similar to the one used in NVIDIA Shadowplay and Replay Buffer in OBS but without heavy processes, making your game a little more fluid since Game DVR is included and optimized in the operating system. And how it works? Simple, you enter the game and when you want to record what just happened you press the key combination WIN+ALT+G, this will create a video file in a specific folder. For example: You are driving quietly and suddenly a Skoda car comes with NCZ hack-lag and sends you to fly to another universe, it seemed like a nice moment so you press the combination WIN+ALT+G and a video clip will be saved with what has just happened in the last 15, 30 or more seconds (depending on your configuration) before pressing the combination. I want it now! What I need? Windows 10 Creators Update (1703, Build 15063) or higher. You probably already meet this requirement. And now what do I do? Open "Settings": Select "Gaming": In the "Game bar" tab, verify that the following option is active: In the "Game DVR" tab, verify that the following option is active: Note: Do not forget to select the number of seconds that will be recorded before you press the key combination, we recommend 30s although 15s is also viable. (Optional) In the "Game DVR" tab you can choose if your video will have audio: OFF: The file size will be smaller. It is a good idea if you will only record reports of road incidents since the audio is not necessary for the evidence. ON: The file size will be a bit larger. It is a good idea to record evidence where audio is important, for example: Voice insults/spam via CB Radio. (Optional) In the "Game DVR" tab you can choose if the audio of your video will be only of the game or it will also include the sounds of the system: ON is an excellent option for those who play and listen to music with some application, for example Spotify, and who do not want their songs to be heard in the video. (Optional) In the "Game DVR" tab you can select the parameters of the video: You can choose the frames per second that will be recorded, with 30FPS is more than enough. You can also select the quality of the video, Standard is quite good. We already finished? Yes, you can now open the game and record your clips of what has just happened by pressing the WIN+ALT+G key combination (you can add another combination of keys in the Game bar tab). By default the videos are saved in This PC -> Videos -> Captures. Spanish version: Polish version: Czech version:
  2. ¿Estás cansado de grabar videos del juego usando algún software externo que ocupa los valiosos recursos de tu ordenador? ¿Desperdicias tu tiempo editando largos videos para hacer reportes? Aquí tenemos la solución. ¿Pero esto qué es? Windows 10 incluye una función llamada Game DVR para grabar video dentro de cualquier juego verificado, Euro Truck Simulator y American Truck Simulator están dentro de esa categoría. Esta función es similar a la usada en NVIDIA Shadowplay y Replay Buffer en OBS pero sin pesados procesos que ocupan memoria RAM, haciendo tu juego un poco más fluido ya que Game DVR está incluido y optimizado en el sistema operativo. ¿Y cómo funciona? Sumamente simple: Entras al juego y cuando quieras grabar lo que recién acaba de pasar presionas la combinación de teclas WIN+ALT+G, esto creará un archivo de video en una carpeta específica. Por ejemplo: Estás conduciendo tranquilamente y de pronto viene un Skoda Car con hack NCZ y lag y te manda a volar hacia otro universo, te ha parecido un lindo momento asi que presionas la combinación WIN+ALT+G y un clip de video será guardado con lo que acaba de pasar en los últimos 15, 30 o más segundos (dependiendo de tu configuración) antes de presionar la combinación. ¡Lo quiero ya! ¿Qué necesito tener? Windows 10 Creators Update (1703, Build 15063) o superior. Probablemente ya cumplas este requisito. ¿Y ahora qué hago? Abre "Configuración": Selecciona "Gaming": En la pestaña "Game bar" verifica que esté activa la siguiente opción: En la pestaña "Game DVR" verifica que esté activa la siguiente opción: Nota: No olvides seleccionar la cantidad de segundos que se grabarán antes de que presiones la combinación de teclas, te recomendamos 30s aunque 15s también es viable. (Opcional) En la pestaña "Game DVR" puedes elegir si tu video tendrá audio: Desactivado: Tu video pesará menos. Es buena idea si es que solo grabarás reportes de incidentes carreteros ya que el audio no es necesario para la evidencia. Activado: Tu video pesará un poquito más. Es buena idea para grabar evidencia donde el audio es importante, por ejemplo: Insultos de voz vía CB Radio. (Opcional) En la pestaña "Game DVR" puedes elegir si el audio de tu video será solo del juego o también incluirá los sonidos del sistema: Activada es una excelente opción para aquellos que juegan y escuchan música con alguna aplicación, por ejemplo Spotify, y que no desean que sus canciones se escuchen en el video. (Opcional) En la pestaña "Game DVR" puedes seleccionar los parámetros del video: Puedes elegir los frames per second que se grabarán, con 30FPS es más que suficiente. También puedes seleccionar la calidad del video, Standard está bastante bien. ¿Y eso es todo? Ya puedes abrir el juego y grabar tus clips de lo que acaba de pasar presionando las combinación de teclas WIN+ALT+G (puedes agregar otra combinación de teclas en la pestaña Game bar). Por defecto los videos se guardan en This PC -> Videos -> Captures. English version of this guide:
  3. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
  4. Make Sure Each Ban Which Is In-Game Is Always The Same Length For Players Hello All, I hope you're all doing very well - I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through the Forums with all the suggestions and points that have been made. Whilst doing that I have thought of some of my own which also help from other Forum posts that I have seen. Therefore, I'm just going to officially make this into a discussion. My suggestion which I would like to express is to do with 'Ban Lengths' and how the the Game Moderators situate it. Suggestion: - I have noticed that each Game Moderator will ban someone and decide their self at times how long the ban-able player should get. I also understand how there are some set rules about bans and the lengths but it needs to be strongly introduced to the players. I feel like it should be made known to the players how long they will get for each offence that they make. For example, if a player causes a scene from overtaking when its not safe and they cause an accident which leads on to them getting banned the Game Moderator should give a punishment duration which other Game Moderators would of done. It is not fair if one person gets banned for 3 days, where as another player would get banned for one week. Furthermore, maybe the Game Moderator Leaders should come up with a Strict Set Rule Duration Planner. This may be a hard thing to implement into the servers and for the Game Moderators to understand. However, this means the punishments will be fair to all players. I have seen in the past players 'arguing' and 'moaning' when they get banned because they've been banned longer then their mate did when they did the same thing and they have the same amount of bans previously. Also, another point is that you should create a table (like the rough one below) and make it clear for the players. Maybe this could go on the website or the Rules when the game loads up. It will give the players a good understanding and they will realise what the punishments are for each ban, this could stop trolling too and for new players to understand the rules a bit better. Obviously, I understand that there will be times where a Game Moderator would have to bypass this scheme due to something going wrong but if the Moderators set the same ban length for each ban-able reason then there would be no reason for people to argue against it calling the sever 'unfair' and giving grief towards the staff. Furthermore, when a player gets banned they could be stated with the graph, and the admin selects which offence they have done and their duration. Therefore, its more clear and understandable. This means that fair punishments will be given out and each one is equal. Its very important! At times it would go against this system - But then the Game Moderators would take the report by their self and submit the right punishment if they're not sure. For example: Unsafe Overtaking Reckless Driving Chat/CB Abuse Blocking Hacking Other No Punishment History = 3 Days 3 Days 2 Days 3 Days Perm (Depends) Depends One Previous Ban = 3 Days 3 Days 2 Days 3 Days Perm (Depends) Depends Two Previous Bans = 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days Perm (Depends) Depends Three Previous Bans = 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month Perm (Depends) Depends Four or More Bans = 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months Perm (Depends) Depends This table is only a rough sketch so you can understand my point more clearly. It features how long the ban should be if they have a certain punishment history - As you can see it clearly goes up in duration if they keep on failing to keep to TMP Rules. The ban duration's are not accurate, This is only for educational purposes for you to understand. I have not seen anything like this yet - This is why I'm introducing this and suggesting it! Feel free to state your opinions about this - Furthermore, it would be great if some higher up staff including Game Moderators could express their opinion about this as well! Its hard getting your head around it , but I feel like it would work so much better. Please be aware that the graph will not be displayed properly if you’re on your mobile. If you react then please tell me why you’ve decided to react with that certain emote. Have a great Night and also week- Many Thanks, Dan
  5. Hello! I have a quick question: How can I report a VTC for example, having an inappropriate or offensive Name, Description, Avatar, Rules or Requirements? I tried to search for an answer on this forum, but didn't found any helpful information. Your help is Greatly Appreciated! Thanks in advance! Have a Nice rest of the Day!
  6. Hey, I have a problem! I was uploading to Plays an evidence video, and it looks just great on my computer, but the uploaded video has like a frame per hour quality. Sure, you get some sort of picture what happened. I even tried to reupload a video, when I noticed that, but it still has terrible quality. It seems that some uploads are only half that bad and suddenly stops lagging and shows the real quality. Are those still going to be ok evidence or not? Here's an example: https://plays.tv/video/5d6019a6214b86d99a The video was recorded as 1080p, 30fps and it does look like it on my computer, but not on Plays. And if those are not good, what would be a better service to upload evidence instead of Plays or Youtube, since the first one seems to kill the quality of uploads?
  7. Greetings, my fellow truckers! Today, on this topic, I'll teach you how to proceed (under my perspective) when you get rammed. For this situation, I will consider that you are recording. 1. When you get rammed, the first thing you should do is clear the road to other players. If you are upwards, do a /fix and move your truck to the shoulder ASAP, if not, do a F7 + ENTER! We need to be kind to the other players! 2. Do NOT, in ANY given circumstances, insult the user trough the CB radio or chat. If you do insult, you will lose your right to report plus it's not cool to insult other people. 3. Be sure to type /pinfo [user id] and take a screenshot. You'll need the info displayed on the screen to report the player. Also, do a in-game report, it's worth a shot! 4. Upload the evidence on the preferred media, better if hidden (only accessible with a link) and submit a report on the website! That's all guys! Thanks!
  8. Masz już dość nagrywania dowodów używając zewnętrznych programów, które zużywają dość duże zasoby Twojego komputera? Tracisz czas na edytowanie długości filmików do Reportów? Jest na to rozwiązanie. Ale co to jest? Windows 10 zawiera funkcję o nazwie "DVR z gry" do nagrywania wideo w ramach każdej zweryfikowanej gry. Zarówno Euro Truck Simulator 2 jak i American Truck Simulator należą do tej kategorii. Ta funkcja jest podobna do tej użytej w NVIDIA Shadowplay i Replay Buffer w OBS, lecz bez ciężkich procesów w tle, dzięki czemu Twoja gra jest bardziej płynna, ponieważ "DVR z gry" jest dołączony i zoptymalizowany w systemie operacyjnym. Jak to działa? To proste. Wchodzisz do gry i kiedy chcesz nagrać coś co się właśnie stało, naciskasz kombinacje klawiszy WIN+ALT+G. Spowoduje to utworzenie pliku wideo w określonym folderze. Na przykład: Jedziesz sobie spokojnie i nagle nadjeżdza Scout z NCZ hackiem i wysyła Cię do innego wszechświata. Po zreportowaniu delikwenta w grze ( Wiadomo, że i tak nikt nie przejrzy ), naciskasz kombinację klawiszy WIN+ALT+G, a klip wideo z tym co się wydarzyło w ostatnich 15, 30 sekundach lub więcej ( zależnie od konfiguracji ), zostanie zapisany w wybranym wcześniej przez Ciebie folderze. Co potrzebuję? Windows 10 Creators Update ( 1703, Build 15063) lub wyższy. Prawdopodobnie i tak już spełniasz te wymagania. Co muszę zrobić? 1. Wejdź w "Ustawienia": 2. Wybierz "Granie": 3. W zakładce "Pasek Gry" sprawdź czy zaznaczona opcja jest włączona: 4. W zakładce "DVR z gry" również sprawdź czy zaznaczona opcja jest włączona: Notka: Nie zapomnij o wybraniu ilości sekund, które mają być nagrane przed wciśnięciem kombinacji klawiszy. Osobiście polecam 30 sekund lub 1 minuta. Zazwyczaj więcej nie potrzeba. 5. (Opcjonalnie) W zakładce "DVR z gry" możesz wybrać czy wideo ma mieć dźwięk: Notka: Kiedy chcemy zgłosić kogoś za Ramming, Reckless Driving, Hacking itp, opcja nagrywania dźwięku może pozostać wyłączona, gdyż wtedy wielkość pliku wideo będzie mniejsza, a w takich przypadkach dźwięk nie jest konieczny jako dowód. Kiedy jednak chcemy zgłosić kogoś za CB Abuse ( Spam, Obrażanie ) trzeba mięć tą opcję włączoną, ponieważ w innym przypadku nasze zgłoszenie może zostać odrzucone. 6. (Opcjonalnie) W zakładce "DVR z gry" możesz wybrać czy dźwięk ma być nagrywany tylko z gry czy wraz z dźwiękami systemowymi: Notka: Włączenie tej opcji może być przydatne, kiedy podczas gry słuchasz w tle Spotify itp. i nie chcesz żeby piosenka której obecnie słuchasz również się nagrała. 7. (Opcjonalnie) W zakładce "DVR z gry" możesz wybrać właściwości wideo: Notka: Domyślne ustawienia (30 FPS, Standard) wystarczają w zupełności jako dowód do zgłoszenia. Czy to koniec? Tak, możesz teraz włączyć grę i zarejestrować to co się wydarzyło naciskając kombinację klawiszy WIN+ALT+G (Możesz dodać inną kombinację w zakładce "Pasek gry"). Domyślnie, filmiki zapisywane są w C:\Users\TWOJA_NAZWA\Videos\Captures. Źródła: oraz Poradnik opracowany przez: @Gonzalox Tłumaczenie: @Kid Fabi
  9. An innocent player has been banned for 4 days because "Perpetrator" was changed to the player on the reporting system by Game Moderator. I'd like to open a feedback for this but could not create new one ("You currently have a Feedback open. Please finish this one before creating a new one."). So I wrote the "feedback" in the description of the evidence video (please *show full description*). What should I do next?
  10. In Inglish: Hello, I leave a report of a person who harassed me on the road. He locked me in for almost 10 minutes. I managed to stop in 2 opportunities, but in the 3 opportunity to want to pass it so that it did not bother me, it achieved its mission of blocking the route and making me overturn. En español: Buenas, dejo un reporte de una persona que me hostigaba en la autopista. Me estuvo encerrando por casi 10 minutos. Pude lograr frenar en 2 oportunidades, pero en la 3 oportunidad de querer pasarlo para que me deje de molestar, logró su mision de bloquerarme la ruta y hacerme volcar. evidence/evidencia ----> https://youtu.be/6x6CSmpu844
  11. Hallo, ich habe mal eine Frage an die Youtube Experten hier. Ich habe momentan ein Problem und weiß nicht wie ich da weiter vorgehen muss, da Youtube in dieser Situation sehr verwirrend ist. Und da ich momentan kein Feedback Ticket eröffnen darf bzw. noch ein paar Tage warten muss, versuche ich es hier, weil die Zeit drängt. Zum Problem, ich habe vor einigen Tagen einen Spieler mit einem Youtube Videobeweis reportet. Dieser Report wurde auch angenommen und daraufhin der entsprechende Spieler einen Monat gebannt. Heute, ein paar Tage später, habe ich von Youtube eine Mitteilung bekommen, dass das Beweisvideo durch einen Urheberrechtsanspruch durch angeblich schrotter04 (anscheinend prüft Youtube aber auch rein gar nichts) mit einer türkisch klingenden E-Mail Adresse runtergenommen wurde. Da diese Videos nicht gelistet sind und somit nur der entsprechende Admin, der gemeldete türkische User und ich den Youtube Link haben, gehe ich mal davon aus, dass der User dieses Video gemeldet hat. Wie kann ich da weiter vorgehen, da, vermute ich mal, eine Anfrage an die E-Mail Adresse nix bringen würde, das zum einen der User gebannt bleibt und ich meinen Strike durch Youtube wieder abwenden kann. Ich vermute mal erneut das Video hochzuladen wird nichts bringen, da es sehr wahrscheinlich der entsprechende User sofort wieder bei Youtube melden wird und ich dann einen zweiten Strike bekomme. schrotter04
  12. Suggestion name: Add a worldwide report section for everyone in the website Suggestion description: I mean, add a report section where there we can see (read descriptions, watch videos, etc) all the reports that the moderators are receiving every day. Obviously, a normal user that's not a game moderator can't comment any report, just can watch them. Any example images: Not a real one, but imagine a normal report section of a user, but with all the reports that people make. Why should it be added?: I think that it could be curious to see some reports that are not made by you. Reading different descriptions, reasons and watch different videos. And (hope that no) see a report where you are the perpetrator (Ups)
  13. Недавно я играл в truckersMP, ехал себе спокойно по ГЕРМАНИИ. И проехав 200-250 км на дороге стоят 2 игрока, который блочат проезд и начинают меня троллить, и не только меня кстати. Там после 3-х минутного разговора не с адекватными образовалась пробка. Эти индивидуумы начали утверждать, что это не Германия, а Великобритания, и МЫ не правильно едем. Я кинул 5 репортов им двоим, и думаю не только я.... Но при мне админы не пришли и не забанили их..... Я не помню их ников. Если этот текст не по теме, то извиняюсь. На форуме впервые, и пока не понял, куда подавать жалобу )
  14. Hey Zusammen, ich habe jetzt schon mehr als 20 Reports auf der Truckersmp Webseite erstellt. Nur ich kann nur maximal 8 Reports an die Jungs senden. Kann man das erhöhen lassen oder wächst das mit den gesendeten Reports? Fahrt vorsichtig, (ich sehe alles ^^) Grüße Simon
  15. Ptterz


    Hey, when creating a report it now says that "Please provide all evidence, including /pinfo or similar". What does this mean exactly, like how does it differ to earlier reporting? Is it a must that /pinfo is visible on that video? Sometimes it is hard to see the number when something happens.
  16. Herkese selamlar, bir oyuncuyu raporladım ancak ben yapmadığım halde aynı rapordan 2 kere göndermiş ve bu nedenle max. rapor hakkımdan 1 hak daha fazla kaybettim, bunun düzeltilmesini talep ediyorum...
  17. Hey, recently I've been playing a lot on Europe 2. I spotted some rammers and reckless drivers yesterday, I have them on video and I don't know how to report them. I don't know if this is appropriate but, here are the video and the time stamps. Also for future reports, how can I report with a video? Time Stamps: 0:00 to 0:35 -- alexloban (ID:2008000) 0:40 to 0:55 -- Ivan Kukutsapo)) (ID:2279590) Szyymeqq (ID:1661143)
  18. Arkadaşlar "create report" ekranında aldığım clip i nasıl kanıt bölümüne gircem raporu kontrol eden kişinin o klipi izlemesini nasıl sağlayabilirim oraya clip i atarak?
  19. Arkadaşlar create report ekranında perpetrator id diye bişey var orayı nasıl doldurmam gerekiyor anlamadım ben raporlayacağım kişinin truckers id sini nerden bilebilirim ki
  20. Beyler rapor sistemi benim bildiğim kadarıyla adminlerin sahneyi izlemeleriyle yapılıyor ancak bu adminler nasıl bir gözle izliyorlar anlamış değilim tam izlemiyolar mı veya ilgilenilmiyor mu? bariz şekilde bilerek çarpan milletin önüne kıran bilerek blocking yapan veya normal yolunda giderken bile bile direksiyon kırıp bariz bilerek sana çarpan adamı bile raporladığımda bir süre sonra "Nickname" hakkında hiçbir işlem yapılmadı yazısı geliyor. adminler neden var diye sorasım geldi ama daha iyi bir soru buldum; rapor sistemi neden var?!?!?!
  21. Hola gente. Hace dos días dejé un reporte sobre un jugador molesto que no arruinó un directo que estábamos haciendo con mi empresa en el American Truck Simulator. De momento nadie lo ha tomado. Está todo filmado y con los datos requeridos completados. Qué otra cosa debo hacer? Adjunto captura.
  22. Mande un Reporte de una persona que estaba bloqueando la calle, en ese reporte envie un video de 28 segundos donde esa persona no se movia ni hacia nada, al ver hoy el reporte me dice que no hay suficiente evidencia. me pueden decir que evidencia se debe presentar?
  23. Hello, I decide to report player "HegloTheBaAYQan" report id 3553 Reason- Trolling/Griefing, Reckless driving. I was driving in city and he just hit me going about 110km/h I get 40% truck damage and 63% load damage. So I lose all my payment and about 35k for fixing my truck Prof- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198123568611/screenshot/966474320529316270 http://prntscr.com/kpp38p
  24. Hello, I just want to know why do I have reports limit in the profile page? What if I reach this limit, and then I need to report someone?
  25. Hi, i just wanted to know if a player gets a permanent ban and if he/she continues to play with another account, is that considered as ban evade? If it is then how can anyone report against it and what evidence is needed. [Please help]
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