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Found 76 results

  1. Prosiłbym o zbanowanie 2 osób, które jeżdżą dwiema czarnymi skodami po 4. Ponieważ blokują przejazd przez całą szerokość autostrady i wjeżdżają w ciężarówki, które próbują normalnie dojechać do swoich celów z ładunkami potrafili również jechać za ciężarówką i wjeżdżać w ładunki.
  2. 1 year old ban still counts?

    Hello, It might be just a stupid question, but I'm just gonna ask it. I have been banned for more than one year ago (14th of august), and I've recently read the rules that after 3 bans you'll get a month and then 3 months etc. Does a ban of over one year old still count? Because the dot in front of it is yellow, and I've seen by other users with more bans that they've some green dots too. So if I now get for example 2 more bans, will they then count as 3 in total, as therefore the fouth will last a month? I even have an another stupid question. Just in case I want to report someone, does it matter when it happened? Does it matter if it, for example, happened half a year ago? Thanks in advance! Greetings, Wout
  3. Report this player...

    Suggestion Name: Report this player Suggestion Description: Add a button on the profile pages that allow's a user to report the profile their viewing. Any example images: Here's what I mean Why should it be added?: It would enhance the reporting experience for those who manually search the username on the website when forgetting to /pinfo the perpetrator at the time of the offense. I find myself constantly switching between pages to find the TMP ID and over using the copy and paste feature. By having this button the player would only need to copy and paste the link of the evidence.
  4. Suggestion Name: [In-Game Reporting] Click to Select/Report Suggestion Description: I am currently watching @Chris - TFM's stream and realised administrators could literally click a player to select them then they can perform certain actions on them. I realised why can't players also have that option, I'm sure a lot of people use freecam and/or would enable it if you could. Basically, (as IGAs would know) you can click on a player physically in the 3D environment and it selects them. How would it work? All you would need to do is click the player when in freecam (or if possible when you have your TAB menu open) and it would select them so when you open your TAB menu to report someone or have their TMP ID on your screen for evidence it has them pre-selected and is already showing their details on the TAB menu as it currently does. Any example images: N/A (refer to admin streams/videos for examples) Why should it be added?: I feel like it would make reporting people much easier and less strenuous in highly populated areas. Also since we don't see much information regarding the /report command coming into TMP I feel like it would be a viable and alternative option for players to select players.
  5. Hello admins and dev. I wanted to present this suggestion a while ago, but never saw a potential on it, but now that there has been a new report system implemented, I think it would be much easier to make. I know that many in-game admins have their own lives, and can't be in the game 24hrs a day, therefore, many ours, like Brazil hours, people troll a lot, and we can never find admins to aid us. This system will now be effective when there are few people, but on full servers like EU2, it would be perfect. Here it goes. The system would basically work by reports. Right now in-game, a player can only be reported once, which is bad, because after that, nothing much happens. What if: the player gets reported 10 times by different players = kick 15 times after he returns to game: temp. ban (1 hour) 20 times after he returns to game: temp ban (1 day) By then, 24hrs has past, but his report numbers are still counting. If he gets reported once again, making a total of 30 reports, he would get a permanent ban until an admin decides on how long he would stay banned. I think this system, if possible to be implemented, would make admins life much easier so then can also play the actual game and not have to worry so much, and give them more time to review the website reports, which right now are taking more than 10 days to be accepted. Would a report system like this work? Its like Rockstar's report system from GTA, when voted to be kicked, at least 50%, player can no longer join that session, and when reported multiple times, rockstart automatically bans the player. Well, that's it! Thanks guys!
  6. Level system / Ranks for Web-Reports

    Suggestion Name: Level system for reports Suggestion Description: Admins give positive or negative feedback on reports, which are uploaded on the website. With the number of reports, which one can make altogether, one could nevertheless eg. (ONLY EXAMPLE): -> Able to create 20 Reports -> Application support / Mod / Admin possible -> Able to create 40 Reports -> double chances for Sup / Mod / Admin -> Able to create 60 reports -> drive police car / put blue siren on car Any example images: This indicator I mean: Why should it be added?: Through the assessment procedure or the decisions of the admins over the reports one can quite well see who does really good work and who makes rather senseless reports. By this, I think, anyone who contributes to the improvement of the community (especially the reports) can get increased chances of a special / higher rank Please note, it is ONLY a well-intentioned idea of me
  7. just as the title. i wanna know except the YOUTUBE and PLAYS, which video website the admins can visit? also wanna know following three website can visit or not aboard? thanks guys.
  8. Chat Report Command

    Suggestion Name: Add Report command in chat . Suggestion Description: While in high populated areas in game , if you want to report someone you have to open TAB and then search for a person , while searching the person might get out of range and then you cant do a report . My suggestion would be to type in chat /report *game id* , *reason* (/r) and then the report would be submitted . Any example images: /-\ Why should it be added?: This should be added for easier reporting while driving in high populated areas (such as Amsterdam , Rotterdam , Duisburg , Calais ... etc...)
  9. Suggestion Name: Revealing the rating status of our submitted and finished web-reports: Positive or Negative Suggestion Description & Why It Should Be Added: Information from @Anriandor states that the positive / negative results of the reports we submit are only being openly revealed to TMP staff currently. What I am suggesting basically is transparency. Transparency that we as community users get to view the results as well as the reports are submitted through our personal TMPID / Account. Even though a small suggestion, I hope to be able to trust the team more by being able to view said results and that the 0.5 or 0.2 scoring as declared is actually on point. Not trying to be calculative or anything but I feel that having such transparency is important to have trust being given both ways. Any Example Images: Example 1: Either as the picture shows or a line below the status (Green for Positive / Red for Negative) Example 2: GREEN arrow UP or THUMBS UP ICON indicating positive report, and a RED arrow DOWN or THUMBS DOWN ICON representing a negative report result. Colours shown and explained are just for representation purposes, no need for colour implementation. Thank you for your time.
  10. Reporting players

    Hi there! I've been driving with external contracts most of the time. Especially during prime-time hours i've experienced multiple players ramming me, which is a pretty awful experience. Now... i'm fine with reporting and such but the biggest issue here is that it isn't solving my situation: my truck has been damaged and so did my trailer. The best solution here would be; use the auto-save on a regular basis but what kind of system are we in then? Last time i reported someone, 5-10 minutes later the rammer got away (no action has been taken against player X) while my trailer had 13% DMG. Hence why i tend to not report anymore since it takes up more time for me then for anyone to ram me off the road. This literally happened 3x during one contract in one hour... While you're busy reviewing rammers, hackers,... the players who actually need you are left with nothing or luckily an auto-save from a couple of minutes ago. You're grasping the problem by the leaves, not by the roots. If someone reports someone else for ramming and the mod doesn't ban / kick the other player, can they at least repair my trailer? Here is one hour of driving, while the reckless rammers are doing regular contracts going over 90 km/h easily. I'm a decent driver myself; i only accept external contracts as you can see on my profile. I have numerous hours of GP (only in MP btw): And this is what i got since i didn't have an auto-save... for 'only' 15% dmg due to rammers (3!!!): (I'm sorry it's in DUTCH but i think you get the idea; 31K reward, 31K penalty for DMG) It's painful to see the one being rammed receiving way more penalty compared to the rammer himself. There goes my half hour - hour worth of GP. My main suggestion: repair trailer of reported rammed players. I'd LOVE to see everyone being limited to 90 Km/h missions. Imo you're here for the view and drive experience, not for a quick cash grab. And as you can see the experience is mostly ruined for those players... not everyone is a bad driver and accidents happen but it shouldn't be that big of an issue that being rammed is way more penalizing then ramming someone else (especially if not being kicked). Imo auto-saving every couple of minutes still doesn't solve the problem entirely; i'm still the victim who needs to re-do 5-10 minutes of GP due to one rammer (it happend 3x; half an hour to 15 minutes 'extra' gameplay?). Greetings, Fredson
  11. TruckersMP ID

    Hey, when I have name of player (his nick), where can I find his TruckersMP ID (not in game). If I want to report somebody, I have his name, but I forgot to type /pinfo command in game... Thanks for help
  12. COMO UTILIZAR O SISTEMA DE REPORTES DA MANEIRA CORRETA Primeiramente, vá no site Acesse login e insira o endereço de e-mail e a senha do seu TruckersMP. Eles são os mesmos que no fórum no e login dentro do jogo. Assim que você logar, você vai ser redirecionado pra página principal. Vá até “ minha conta “, e acesse onde está “ relatórios “ . Vai aparecer um botão que estará a seu dispor como “ Novo relatório “ Você poderá encontrar quantos relatórios faltam pra completar a meta de 10/10, assim sabendo quantos mais você pode fazer; Você vai poder ver os relatórios que foram aceitos e recusados, feitos por você; Ai clique em “ Novo relatório “. Aqui você poderá preencher as informações sobre o jogador que você está denunciando. Você pode descobrir como obter um jogador TruckersMP ID aqui Certifique-se de preencher todos os detalhes sobre o que aconteceu, os marcadores de tempo de vídeo relevantes e os links de evidências. Lembre-se de que a evidência da captura de tela não pode ser aceita para a maioria dos relatórios, pois nem sempre irá provar o que aconteceu. As capturas de tela podem ser usadas para denunciar insultos / Profanidade, Nomes / Tag impróprios e Carros com trailer. Qualquer evidência fornecida deve estar disponível para ser revisada durante o tempo da duração do ban dado por até ou mais de 1 mês ( Ou seja, se você reportou um cara com vídeo, mantenha o vídeo upado em seu canal ou o que seja, até que o ban do sujeito seja retirado, ou pra sempre se preferir ) . Os banimentos podem ser removidos se a evidência for removida cedo demais e você pode ter seu acesso aos relatório como restrito. Lembre-se: se você inserir a ID de um membro da Staff da TruckersMP, você receberá um aviso. Se você inserir um ID de TruckersMP de 3500 ou menor, você receberá um aviso para verificar novamente a ID que você está inserindo, poderá faltar carácteres. Você pode encontrar alguns exemplos de como reportar alguém aqui nos exemplos abaixo: Verifique se o nome de usuário exibido depois de inserir o ID do TruckersMP está correto; Certifique-se também de incluir os links de evidências apropriados; Uma vez feito, clique em "Enviar relatório". Depois disso, você vai ser redirecionado para o seu relatório já pronto, parecido com este: Você pode encontrar o status do relatório aqui. Você também pode ver o comentário do administrador e se foi rejeitado, e também por que ele foi rejeitado. Não será mostrado para você se recebeu uma nota positiva ou negativa para o relatório. Você também pode encontrar o status de seus relatórios voltando em "Minha conta" -> "Relatórios". Como você pode ver aqui, seus relatórios disponíveis agora ficarão numerados para mostrar que você tem um relatório em espera de avaliação. PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES SOBRE O SISTEMA DE REPORTES P: Eu fiz um relatório, por que ainda não foi avaliado? R: Às vezes, nossa fila pode ficar bastante grande, o que atrasará o tempo de resposta. Mas não se preocupe porque cada relatório será avaliado, nenhum relatório é deixado de lado. P. Se o meu relatório for recusado, a minha classificação / quantidade que posso denunciar vai ser reduzida? R. Não necessariamente. O que um administrador classifica seu relatório depende da qualidade do relatório, e não o resultado do relatório. Existem várias razões para o motivo pelo qual um relatório pode ser rejeitado, mas a nota positiva ainda é dada, como a pessoa que você relatou já estava sendo banida. Caso tenha reportado alguém que já está banido por esse mesmo motivo. P. Um aviso mostra que o ID é um número pequeno. Isso significa que o meu relatório está incorreto? R. Não. Isso significa que você deve verificar se você não está inserindo o InGame ID, ao invés da ID do TruckersMP. P. Um aviso mostra que estou relatando um membro da equipe da Staff. Isso significa que o meu relatório está incorreto? R. Sim. O sistema não permite que os membros da equipe sejam reportados. Se você achar que um membro da equipe fez algo errado ou questionável, entre em contato com o e-mail de feedback COM PROVAS. P. Por que eu só posso fazer 10 relatórios? R. Os administradores estão sendo solicitados a avaliar a qualidade dos relatórios. Isso está sendo usado para ajudar a se livrar da maioria dos relatórios inúteis e sem nexo que atualmente passaram pelo sistema. Quanto mais relatórios úteis você enviar, mais você poderá denunciar no futuro. Quanto mais relatórios ruins você enviar, menos você poderá denunciar, até o ponto em que você não vai poder mais. P. Cheguei ao meu limite no sistema de relatório, o que devo fazer? R. Você deve aguardar que alguns de seus relatórios sejam avaliados. Uma vez que alguns de seus relatórios ganharam pontos positivos de um administrador, você terá um número maior para poder reportar. P. Eu fui banido de usar o sistema de relatório, o que eu faço agora? R. Descubra aqui como entrar em contato com o pessoal superior aqui > P. Meu relatório já foi avaliado. Posso remover as provas das minhas contas de mídias sociais? R. Não. A prova deve estar disponível para o período do ban por mais 1 mês. Isto é para garantir que o usuário banido possa apelar adequadamente ao seu banimento. Tenha em atenção que a remoção de provas antecipadas pode resultar na remoção dos direitos do relatório e o banimento do denunciado será então removido.
  13. Anleitung zur Verwendung des Reportsystems 1. Öffne 2. Klick auf 'Login' und gib deine Accountdaten (TruckersMP Email & Passwort) ein. Diese sind ident mit dem Foren- und Ingame-Login. 3. Sobald du eingeloggt bist wirst du zur Homepage weitergeleitet. Im Interface klicke nun bitte auf 'Mein Account' -> 'Reports'. 4. Nun sollte eine Tabelle und eine Schaltfläche zum Erstellen neuer Reports erscheinen. Klicke auf 'New Report'. Du kannst einsehen, wie viele Reports du aktuell noch erstellen kannst und die Gesamtzahl der möglichen Reports. Du kannst deine aktuellen in Bearbeitung befindliche, Angenommene und Abgelehnte Reports sehen. Durch Klicken auf 'New Report' kannst du einen neuen Report erstellen. 5. An dieser Stelle kannst du die Informationen zum Spieler, welchen du reportest, eingeben. Für den Report muss die TruckersMP-ID eingegeben werden Stelle bitte sicher, dass sämtliche wichtige Informationen zum Regelverstoß angegeben werden (was genau ist passiert, Zeitangaben bei Videomaterial und Links zu weiterem Beweismaterial). Bitte berücksichtige, dass eingesendete Screenshots als Beweismaterial für viele Reports nicht akzeptiert werden, da diese nur eine Momentaufnahme darstellen und oftmals als Beweis für den Regelverstoß unzulänglich sind. Für Vergehen wie z.B. Beleidigungen, regelwidrige Nicknames und das Fahren eines Autos mit Anhänger genügen allerdings auch Screenshots allein. Jegliches eingesendete Beweismaterial muss zuzüglich zur Dauer des Bans noch einen Monat länger einsehbar sein (wenn ein Ban am 10.08. ausläuft, muss das Beweismaterial also mindestens bis 10.09. abrufbar sein!). Sollte das Beweismaterial frühzeitig nicht mehr zugänglich sein, so kann dies dazu führen, dass der Ban für den Regelverstoß aufgehoben wird und der Spieler, welcher den Verstoß reported hat einen eingeschränkten Zugang zu weiteren Reports erhält! Anmerkung: Solltest du bei der TruckersMP ID die ID eines Teammitgliedes eingeben, so erhältst du eine Warnung. Wenn eine TMP ID von 3500 oder darunter eingegeben wird, so wird eine Warnung ausgegeben, dass die eingegebene ID kontrolliert werden soll. Hier kannst du ein paar Beispiele für Reports sehen: 6. Anschließend wirst du wieder zu den Informationen zum soeben eingesendeten Report weitergeleitet. Es sollte in etwa so aussehen: Hier findet sich der aktuelle Status des Reports. Zudem können etwaige Kommentare vom bearbeitenden Admin eingesehen werden bzw. sollte der Report abgelehnt werden, so lassen sich hier die Gründe dafür nachlesen. Es wird nicht angezeigt, ob du positive oder negative Punkte für deinen Report erhalten hast. Außerdem kannst du den Status sämtlicher von dir eingesendeten Reports auf der Homepage unter 'My account' -> 'Reports' finden. Wie man nun sieht, ist die Anzahl der verfügbaren Reports um 1 gesunken, da sich nun ein Report in Bearbeitung befindet: Report System FAQ Q: Ich habe einen Report erstellt. Wieso wurde dieser bisher noch nicht bearbeitet? A: Manchmal wird die Warteschlange für in Bearbeitung befindliche Reports recht lange, wodurch sich die Wartezeit entsprechend verlängern kann. Dies ist jedoch kein Grund zur Sorge, da jeder Report bearbeitet wird. Q: Wenn mein Report abgelehnt wird, sinkt dadurch mein Rating/die Zahl der möglichen Reports? A: Nicht zwingend. Das Rating des Admins bezieht sich letztlich allein auf die Qualität des Reports (war genügend und ausreichend gutes Beweismaterial vorhanden, war der Verstoß selbst eines Reports würdig etc.). Sollte beispielsweise der von dir gemeldete Spieler bereits durch einen anderen Report gebannt worden sein, der Report jedoch dennoch als qualitativ hochwertig empfunden werden, so wird der Report zwar abgelehnt, du wirst aber dennoch eine positive Bewertung bekommen. Q: Eine Warnung gibt an, dass die ID niedrig ist. Bedeutet das, dass der Report inkorrekt ist? A: Nein, dies dient lediglich dazu, sicherzustellen dass tatsächlich die TruckersMP-ID und nicht die In-Game-ID angegeben wird. Bei dieser Fehlermeldung also bitte unbedingt die angegebene ID kontrollieren! Q: Eine Warnung gibt an, dass ich ein Teammitglied reporte. Bedeutet das, dass mein Report inkorrekt ist? A: Ja. Das System erlaubt es nicht, Teammitglieder zu melden. Solltest du sehen, dass ein Teammitglied gegen die Regeln verstößt bzw. fragwürdige Aktionen unternimmt, so wende dich bitte mit dem Beweismaterial an unsere Feedback Email: [email protected] Q: Wieso kann ich nur 10 Reports erstellen? A: Es wird von den Admins verlangt, die Qualität von eingesendeten Reports zu bewerten. Dies soll dazu dienen, die Anzahl an unnötigen Reports, welche derzeit in großen Massen über das Reportsystem eingehen, zu minimieren. Werden von einem User regelmäßig qualitativ hochwertige Reports eingesendet, so steigt die Zahl der einsendbaren Reports in Zukunft. Allerdings werden auch für qualitativ minderwertige Reports die möglichen Reports stetig dezimiert, bis zu dem Punkt, ab dem das Einsenden neuer Reports gänzlich unmöglich ist. Q: Ich habe das Limit meiner möglichen Reports erreicht. Was soll ich nun tun? A: Du musst lediglich geduldig sein und abwarten, bis ein paar deiner eingesendeten Reports bearbeitet wurden. Nachdem einige deiner Reports mit einer positiven Bewertung versehen wurden, wird dein Limit von erstellbaren Reports erhöht. Q: Ich wurde vom Report-System gebannt. Was soll ich nun tun? A: Bitte kontaktiere unsere Community Manager. Q: Mein Report wurde nun bearbeitet. Kann ich das Beweismaterial von meinen Social-Media Accounts bereits entfernen? A: Nein, sämtliches Beweismaterial muss über die gesamte Länge des ausgesprochenen Bans und einen Monat zusätzlich dazu abrufbar sein. Dies dient dazu, dass der gebannte Spieler die faire Möglichkeit erhält, via Ban-Appeal Einspruch gegen den Ban zu erheben. Sollte Beweismaterial frühzeitig gelöscht werden, so kann dies dazu führen, dass der Ban aufgehoben wird und einen Entzug der Möglichkeit zum Erstellen neuer Reports zur Folge haben!
  14. Yeni kanıt ban durumuna etki eder mi?

    Resimdeki oyuncu belirtilen sebeplerden dolayı banlanmış. Benim sormak istediğim bende resimdeki oyuncuya dair farklı bir video kanıt bulunmakta ben bu arkadaşı web rapor sisteminden rapor edersem ve ban süresi bitmeden rapora admin tarafından bakılırsa ban süresi uzatılacak mı yoksa banlı olduğu için benim raporum işlevsiz mi kalacak.
  15. When I press 'TAB' my mouse doesn't come up and when I move it, it's just like if I was moving the Persons view around(to see left or right). How do I overcome this issue?
  16. 1.1. Игрок *playername* протаранил / оскорбил меня / не дал мне проехать и т.п. Как мне подать на него жалобу? Решение: Вам следует обратиться в этот раздел. Прочитал, так и не понял, где на форуме создать на пересмотр репорта, отклонённого в игре? Задолбали дебилы, которые таранят/грифят и т.д. Нельзя спокойно взять грузы на 1000 и более км. Репорт в игре не пашет, отклоняют всегда.

    Ciao a tutti, vorrei sapere come è possibile che ogni volta che reporto qualcuno sul sito truckersMP mi viene detto sempre prove insufficienti, che dati dobbiamo mettere affinché gli admin abbiano tutto il necessario per bannare? e come è possibile che quando ci fa scegliere la lingua Italiano non c'è? e l'ora va indicata quella del gioco o quella reale ? Grazie a tutti!
  18. Suggestion Name: Display date and time in UTC Suggestion Description: Display on date and time in UTC under the GPS. It can be disabled and can change the size in the TAB options. Any example images: Why should it be added?:In the report section on the site, we need to say when the incident arrived but it's better if the date and time UTC is displayed directly on the sreen, it's a better proof because in my case the logs are in UTC+2 it's very disturbing when you report a people around 1h00 am.
  19. Preuve pour reporte sur le site

    Salutation, Alors maintenant que j'ai un nouveaux pc je peux rec sur ets2, cela dit quand je veux report sur le site, ca demande des preuves (logique), mais je voudrais savoir comment faire car moi je film tout un trajet et je fait pas mettre genre 50 min sur youtube ou autre, y'a t'il un moyens ou qu'elle est vos techniques pour fournir des preuves vidéos?? -Merci
  20. Well, this is the 3rd time reporting and it has been 8 days until my report has been on "Waiting for admin". I just want to know what's really happening. Do you need help? thanks
  21. Reporting

    Moin, ich würde gerne wissen wie man das Beweisvideo am besten hochlädt, so dass es von den Admins nicht ständig Declined wird. Soll ich die Videos bei YT hochladen oder was möchten die von mir sehen -.-" Wozu macht man sich denn die Mühe und nimmt diese "Idioten" auf und schreibt dann immer die /pinfo auf etc. Bitte klärt mich auf. Mit bestem Gruß Kaylabs
  22. Hey guys, here is a short question: Are the spawn-times from the "spawn-log" (documents-folder) set to UTC-time? (utc-0) I ask, because i live in germany - and if this times are sticked to my system-time i have to consider that when reporting. Thanks in advance, __________ Futju
  23. Hello. I videoreported a player for reckless driving who got banned Half an hour ago he insulted me in the comment section of the evidence. My question is: where i need to report this type of offence, i have the screenshot in case he decides to delete the comment? Edit: i didn't trolled anyone.
  24. A few Suggestions (CLOSED)

    Hello. I wanted to suggest an idea, for /report command. If someone rammed you, and you are in a High Populated area, it takes hours to find the name and report it. It would be much easier if you write: /report <PlayerID> <Reason> You are able, for example in jams to report easy players so you don't have to serach everytime, until he leaves the server. -- Second Suggestion -- I want to suggest too an new command, it may look as it is crap, but actually it would help. /jamalert <Duisburg-Calais|Rotterdam|Duisburg|Europoort|Calais|Other> Output: Player "x" has alerted a jam on Duisburg-Calais! It is only possible if there are over 60 players around him and only if no one other already created a jam alert. It would help every trucker, so they could choose an other route and there can be less traffic. -- Last Suggestion -- If you type /call <id> you can speak via cb with the person, without being neir to the other player. /call <id> (id,id,id) Let's say: Player 1= me Player 2= other Player1: You have asked Player2 for an private cb call. Player2: You have receviced a private call from Player1. Type in /call y/n. Player1: Player2 joined the conversation! CB Channel switched to <nr> So if you abuse this command, you get a kick from the server. I don't know how you think it is, but i think not everyone would agree this, that this is actually good. \\CLOSE