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  1. Hey @Crestune~ Yes, it seems like its solved. You can close it. Thanks
  2. Hey, I get this message since yesterday when i tryed to login. After I reinstalled the launcher it worked but today i cant get on the server. It takes a few times until i can login but when i join a server, he authificates me the whole time. One time was there a error message, that i need to restart my game but in the other try i was stuck in authentification. Solved Posts in this Forum say, that the user has been banned and thats why it doesn't work but I'm not banned and i also wouldn't know why i should be banned. What should i do now to solve that problem?
  3. Well, Hello ? i want to hold that short. so, im playing the MP about one hour everyday and damn are there many people who give a sh*t about the rules. Im reporting actually pretty much for just one hour of driving (my limit is 14, 3 of them are depending). I heard some time ago that i can get banned for reporting to much which scarys me a little bit. Im just reporting things which are clearly against the rules and still there is pretty much of it. So my question would be: Can i really get banned for that? i understand when i get banned for reporting just bullsh*t but is there a risk with normal reports too?
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