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  1. And how i get volvo transmissions in a daf? I think ther are no transmissions in the mod https://ets2.lt/en/?s=all+trucks+750hp
  2. Thanks for the links.. I try it but same prob.. max 138 kmh speed.. i think its a moding bug
  3. Thats the mod i used but the truck with this mod dosent come over 138kmh but why? with a 800hp mod i cam with the trucks over 170kmh.. and thats just 50ps diverens
  4. Sven i know but i want all trucks with this speed..
  5. Hello, i have a 750 PS mod but the Truck with this mod arent faster than 138kmh on a flet road.. With the original volvo truck on the 750 ps motor i came to 160 kmh.. Is there a mod online, thats works in mp and gets all truck to 155-160 kmh? greetings
  6. playersTV ... for dashcam recording
  7. Hello, sooo i record and i report just player who realy do s***** s***** things. I dont report the Little a******* just the Big ones.. All my reports have a video file like this http://plays.tv/video/58c58a7eebeb7495f9/n3 WHY ignore my Reports and dont Accepted or Declined it ? If u need more admins / moderator then open the thread! .. PS: The Report 14Marc 8:55 i a accepted its just addet the ban time to the ban of the player..
  8. thats the reason, we need more admins and 1h kicks
  9. WHY??? The Driving skills from many users are soo bad.. Why the crashing into each other? its kills the multiplayer!!! Thats jsut 50sec but the hole thing goes over 10 min.. http://plays.tv/video/58c5a54d87ef5b05ba/realy
  10. And what is the Problem do bring it ingame behind teh name? its a way easyea for recording
  11. We NEED the TruckersID Ingame behind the Player name!! Is ther a mod? Its sucks so hard u cant finde the player in a list of 100 drivers to get theTruckersID.. PLEASE Write the ID Behinde oder under the Player name :-O
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