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  1. Hi there, I have a small problem when i want to talk i press V and te trailer brake comes on how can i change the speaking button Regards
  2. Still it would be useful to track the player down if you want And how would a player get abused by it ?
  3. That dosent look for player it looks for service station
  4. Hello there I need help ! How can i find a player on the ETS2MP MAP by putting the name and it will show me.Is this possible?
  5. -1 No No because First of all,There would be a lot of cheating and some people don't know to do it.Secondly ETS2MP wouldn't get that famous because they would start losing people to play cause you have to get money to buy one before you start.
  6. I agree + 1 We could have a warning system if there was a accident or a traffic jam especially in EP to make a small diversion Good shout
  7. Good shout It could warn people about the traffic jam in EP if there was one and they could do a diversion.I really like your thinking.
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