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  1. How to do sticker mod show in mp ? - I want to do it but another player don't see it .
  2. Hi, ich habe in letzter Zeit öfter mal nach einem Mod (siehe Bild) geschaut aber nichts gefunden Deswegen dachte ich das ich einfach mal hier frage Ich suche einen Tandem Wechselbrücken Mod (Repaint egal) Wie auf dem Bild zusehen mit 3 Achsen am Motorwagen und 2 Achsen an der Lafette. Am liebsten auf DAF XF 106 Basis. Ich habe wie gesagt auch schon geschaut aber leider nichts gefunden was mir zusagt. Falls jemand was weiß, würde ich mich sehr über Links freuen MfG Daniel Bild: Der Luginger (http://www.fahrzeugbilder.de/bild/Unternehmen+und+Betriebe~Deutschland~Dachser/131832/volvo-fh-500-tandem--haengerzug-von.html)
  3. i was wondering what mod are compatible with atsmp?
  4. Hey guys, Just curious and looking for some help from the community, I've found some cool mods on the workshop that enhance the graphics and make sounds more realistic was wondering if I can use them on MP as they technically don't effect anyone else's game play... Regards Top Bloke
  5. Can i use these mods on MP ? -Addon Hookups for Multiplayer ETS2 -Mod Hybrid DAF With DLC DAF For Multiplayer ETS2 I saw some players who have these mods. Can i use them without ban? https://ets2.lt/en/page/7/?s=Multiplayer
  6. I want to know if is possible to download the scout car (skoda) mod from Turckers MP And if it is possible please inform me with the download link for the mod
  7. Chers joueurs adorés, Étant donné que certains utilisateurs sont bannis en raison d'une édition de sauvegarde excessive, dont la plupart ne savent pas s'ils respectent les règles ou les enfreignent, ou s'ils sont confus au sujet des règles, j'ai décidé de créer ce sujet. J'ai rencontré certains d'entre vous dans le jeu, et certains d'entre vous me demandent si leur camion obéit aux règles que nous fournissons, je vous dis doucement d'enlever ou de garder n'importe quel objet. Dans ce sujet, je veux que chacun d'entre vous ayant des doutes, prennent une capture d'écran de leur camion ou de leur remorque et de la poster ici. S'il vous plaît, n'ayez pas peur, aucune des images envoyées ici ne sera utilisée contre vous. Si vous avez des doutes sur votre camion ou votre remorque, vous pouvez l'envoyer ici, vous aurez l'aide dont vous avez besoin. Veuillez utiliser l'un des sites Web suivants: https://imgur.com/ ou https://prnt.sc/. Sinon, vous pouvez le poster directement dans la boîte de message ci-dessous. Ceci est important pour vous tous, alors n'hésitez pas à demander si vous avez un doute, que ce soit une question simple ou non. Il est préférable de lever vos doutes plutôt que d'être banni pour quelque chose dont vous n'étiez pas sûr. Ce sujet a été traduit directement à partir du sujet original, tout doute que vous avez devrait être affiché ici : Original :
  8. Recently i donwloaded a new mod to the game (ets2) and now i want to know if that modification can cause me a ban Here a picture of my truck:
  9. Hi everyone. I know a similiar topic was opened before, but i can't find it even with the searh rexult. I have the Winter Mod not installed (at the start it says me to download it), but when i enter in the game, even if i have the Winter Mod disabled in Mods, it snows. What i have to do? Thanks in advance, Simone.
  10. 4ntolGaming


    Hello Do you know some good and working on mp mods?
  11. Guest

    Mods im ETS2MP nutzen

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe schon bei vielen auf dem MP Server gesehen, dass sie Lampen und Lackierungen von Mods hatten. Also habe ich mir im Steam Workshop einige Mods abonniert, die im Singleplayer auch funktionieren. Im Multiplayer werden sie allerdings gar niicht im Mod-Manager angezeigt. Weiß jemand was ich machen muss, damit diese mir auch im Multiplayer angezeigt werden? MfG Kilian
  12. Can I change No. 2 and No. 3 to a No. 1 position? I am afraid of being banned
  13. Suggestion Name: Revise trailer Weight Mods Suggestion Description: Currently you can use trailers with weight up to 200t, i have tried heavy cargo trailers wit 200t, 175t, 150t & 125t using a volvo fh16 8x4 & found a serious issue, with 200t , 175t & 150t the truck gets launched or jumps around causing damage to you & whatever it hits & with 125t the front steering axle doesn't touch the ground ( it steers from the lift axle ) while bouncing up & down constantly making it reckless driving so i think such weight mods should be not allowed. Also the special cargo loads are at the limit of what the game can safely handle! Any example images: No Why should it be added?: For the safety of everyone on the road
  14. I have been playing the game (American Truck Sim) for a while now, and i really enjoy playing it online. I customized my truck with i think some mods , but i know for a fact that all my mods are from the official game only and i haven't downloaded any other ones. I went to the service center and i have customized my truck and while leaving the service center i got a message saying "Kicked for Invalid Accessory Set Detected" . I have all the DLC's enabled and am not sure which one to disable plus i have tried disabling some but when i logged in it asked me to load and am not sure what to do. Please HELP!
  15. Hello everybody, I have a question. What mods do you have for better graphics? Or which ones do you use and can you recommend ?
  16. Saw a Turkish gentleman with a scania, where his headlights where cyan colored (not his lights, but the glass/plastic cover) and the sleeper v8 cabin logo was pink. He didn't speak English, so i wasn't able to ask him how. Anyone know? cheers
  17. Hello users , moderators and all involved in this beautiful project. My question is about 1 type of mod i want to use in the Multiplayer and can anyone answer me does it affect the game. I only want to use my HD Gauges mod by nfshp , that are for all the trucks , because i can't play at 400 Scale level , my pc isn't that great and you can see a lot less things on the trucks dashboards. Though it doesn't read them .. do they really affect others gameplay ?
  18. Hello everyone, I remember back in the day there was this SDK mod to have a more enhanced FFB feeling, this also worked on TrucksMP. Are SDK mods still allowed and are there any SDK mods?
  19. I've clicked every single link on Youtube and Google, and I still cannot figure out how to get my mods working on ETS2. I tryed making saves, changing trucks and everything - doesn't seem to work, doesn't detect them in any way. Is it possible that ets2mp is attempting to load mods from different location than ets2 (non-multiplayer)? Well, I created folders everywhere, and still doesn't work. (just ate half of my remaining empty hard-drive space) Thanks in advance Here's another question What do other people see, when I equip modded truck paint? (not just color, whole new visuals/stickers/...)? If anyone tryed it, please tell me, I'm sure it will be useful for more people, not just me . (not counting official DLC visuals, of course). DO they see the visuals or just plain color? Another thanks - thirical / NicoFilippo
  20. ghost rider 0


    why cant we use mods in multiplayer as the trucks sound nothing like the real thing they sound crap more people would play the game if we could use even if its just sound mod
  21. I have recently started downloading mods for ETS2 but im not sure if I can use them on the multiplayer mod, these are the mods -Mega tuning mod -Realistic Scania interior -XP, Money and Damage mod. If not can someone tell me the mods i can use if there are any!
  22. Hello, i have readed the allowed mods post, i readed that says, the texture mods are allowed, but it says to the trailer. Can i put my own mod to the cabin? (not the merchandise) Thanks!
  23. Nukeshi

    Snow mod

    Could someone send me a link to download the MP ets2 snow mod? Whichever one I had downloaded didn't work and I just want to make sure I have the right one. Thanks
  24. Salutation... J'ai un enorme problème. voila par malveillance j'ai cliqu" sur un fichier SCS et fait "Ouvrir avec winrar" et j'ai coché la case "Utiliser ce programme par défaut" et donc j'aimerai savoir comment enlever ça.... HELP PLEASE
  25. Couple ofquestions if anyone can help. I created a new profile for Truckers MP, and the completed my first job., although I was late When I went to pick up the next one, there was nothing, no trucks jobs, zero Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix it please? Also all my mods have gone could the two problems be linked?. Not sure but for this profile I am only using ProMods, should I remove them from my mod folder competely Any help will be appreciated as for the one job it was great fun seeing other truckers and I would like to do more
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