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  1. TheInsider Released

    And here I am still waiting for the Special Transport DLC to be supported
  2. TheInsider

    Pilots on Multiplayer? It works!

    So how exactly can you drive special tranports in MP? I have tried this a couple of times but it just kicks me. Can't find it anywhere on the forums either
  3. TheInsider

    Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    Just a little heads up for you guys https://twitter.com/SCSsoftware/status/940948260147089408/photo/1
  4. TheInsider

    Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    What a great VTC. I was already sold by the original post but scrolling trough the responces this looks amazing and so modern with great youtube video's etc. I have applied!
  5. TheInsider

    SDK Mods?

    Thanks for the link! But are there also other SDK mods? Just curious
  6. TheInsider

    SDK Mods?

    Does anyone have a link or something to some SDK mods?
  7. TheInsider

    SDK Mods?

    Hello everyone, I remember back in the day there was this SDK mod to have a more enhanced FFB feeling, this also worked on TrucksMP. Are SDK mods still allowed and are there any SDK mods?
  8. I would like to play but I get the following error "Connection refused. You are using an invalid client." I see a lot of people have this problem, any fix for this?
  9. TheInsider

    Vosa ETS2 Edition - Professional Driver

    Why is my name not yet added? xD
  10. TheInsider

    worst road in history

    I also noticed that
  11. TheInsider

    Vosa ETS2 Edition - Professional Driver

    That was pretty easy!
  12. TheInsider

    Finding the steepest hill

    Hello everyone, I wanted to challenge myself with a heavy cargo and a low HP truck and climbing a hill from full stop and maybe just driving for fun, only the thing is where can I find THE steepest hill on ETS2?
  13. TheInsider


    But how come that when Eryk was still here we had regulary updates and proper updates and now nothing. Also a tip from me to the devs then is give us updates a blog or something, show us what they are doing so anoying people like me are happy
  14. TheInsider


    Hello everyone, I notice that after Eryk left progress in updates and improvements in MP has massively degreased. I only see updates with new game updates to support the new features and sometimes it comes with minor fixes and small updates in UI and settings and stuff, but where is the big stuff? Take for example the double trailers, we already seen it work in MP by accident after the Scandinavia DLC release but still it's not in use! And the Skoda, it has not really a purpose but many hours put into it. Make up your mind get something to work on and release it and make us happy!
  15. TheInsider

    Advanced rules of the street

    A lot of people do not do this and it's really anoying! Even seen them in daylight in city driving with highbeam on and the maximum amount of lights being able to fit on there trucks