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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hello everyone, After playing on the ProMods server on TruckersMP and switch to SP, I get a warning of game change detected and my truck is being placed at my home base. I have no other mods then ProMods how do I configure my mods so that I don't get a game change detection? Potentially sorting the mods priority differently? Or removing the middle east expension from ProMods? Hope someone can help me.
  3. I just noticed something interesting, the last 20 forum posts were exactly like this. - Complains about update - Someone defending TruckersMP - Compains about update - Someone defending TrucksMP It seems that people just come here to complain and not to read any of the last 30 posts or so to read that they just have to wait.
  4. And here I am still waiting for the Special Transport DLC to be supported
  5. Thanks for the link! But are there also other SDK mods? Just curious
  6. Does anyone have a link or something to some SDK mods?
  7. Hello everyone, I remember back in the day there was this SDK mod to have a more enhanced FFB feeling, this also worked on TrucksMP. Are SDK mods still allowed and are there any SDK mods?
  8. I would like to play but I get the following error "Connection refused. You are using an invalid client." I see a lot of people have this problem, any fix for this?
  9. A lot of people do not do this and it's really anoying! Even seen them in daylight in city driving with highbeam on and the maximum amount of lights being able to fit on there trucks
  10. But do you guys say this plugin is better then the in-game FFB? I personally didn't try it I just noticed it was updated
  11. Indeed! Because they are already working so long on it and we have seen it already in-game enabled before!
  12. Hello everyone, For those using the Realstic FFB SDK it got updated this morning. http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=109&t=49772&start=440
  13. Mod Version: 0.1.6 R3 Controllers Used: G27 Description of Issue: When taking a job in Scandinvia DLC sometimes the trailer is further away because of new and bigger company layouts, a lot of the times you lose your trailer because it spawns to far away. I guess the problem can be solved by being able to drive further away from your trailer before losing it. How to reproduce: Keep testing on companies to me it happend DrekkarTrans company in Odense but it seems to happen on more places. Screenshots / Videos:
  14. Well the weird thing is that Europoort is no problem at all it's just Rotterdam But I do get supriced everytime I play ETS2MP due to how much it takes of my computer, no other games I experience lag and I can play it on ultra but ETS2MP keeps surpricing my how bad it runs sometimes
  15. Mod Version: 0.1.5 R5 Controllers Used: G27 Description of Issue: Driving into Rotterdam makes my game crash when there are a few people around, when it's really quiet around Rotterdam I can enter without crashing. Any fix on this? How to reproduce: Drive into Rotterdam with my computer Screenshots / Videos:
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