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  1. Dont know if its okey to ask in this thread. But i was told ingame yesterday that save-editing is no more allowed in 1.32. Any truth to that? Cheers for the update btw!!
  2. how do I add amber/clear lights on the roofbar while having floodlights? Tried for some time now, but cant really figure it out.. pictures for reference: https://imgur.com/a/xfaGB
  3. no, not the light that shines off the logo. (I have the mighty griffin dlc aswell.) But the V8 logo is original red and white, the Turkish dude had it all pink. I think its some kind of coding, where he has changed the colours But thank you anyways [LKW Tr.] Akoa
  4. Saw a Turkish gentleman with a scania, where his headlights where cyan colored (not his lights, but the glass/plastic cover) and the sleeper v8 cabin logo was pink. He didn't speak English, so i wasn't able to ask him how. Anyone know? cheers
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