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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a nice day.

  2. Thanks to you White Wolf, now i don't have the snow! Better than before, because snow was worsening my performances on the game! Thanks, have a nice day
  3. I have it turned off, but when i play it snows :/ Maybe i have to reinstall the launcher(?)
  4. Hi everyone. I know a similiar topic was opened before, but i can't find it even with the searh rexult. I have the Winter Mod not installed (at the start it says me to download it), but when i enter in the game, even if i have the Winter Mod disabled in Mods, it snows. What i have to do? Thanks in advance, Simone.
  5. Kodiaq


    Thank you guys, have anice day
  6. Kodiaq


    Hello. As the title say, i want to understand why Servers are not upgraded at the latest version. And how much time will pass until the server will be updated at last version. Thanks.
  7. Hello. As the title say, i want to change name in the forum and In-Game, how can i do that?
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