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  1. Nukeshi

    Snow mod

    @Lorenita Yes, thank you Also- Is there a chance you or someone else could check my last post (lag problems)? I haven't got a solution
  2. Nukeshi

    Snow mod

    Could someone send me a link to download the MP ets2 snow mod? Whichever one I had downloaded didn't work and I just want to make sure I have the right one. Thanks
  3. Nukeshi

    Bad lag

    @sko0923 I just switched to our other wifi network (or whatever you call it- i'm bad with this stuff) because it seems to be more reliable... my upload/download speed is fantastic now, but I noticed when trying to connect to multiplayer, it never actually connects. It keeps loading and loading, and then it will say "connection with server has been broken, you will be automatically reconnected and starts all over again. I do sometimes get connected to the server, but it can take up to 30-45 minutes even when the queue is short, and then even with good internet speed it still lags. Any ideas?
  4. Nukeshi

    Bad lag

    @sko0923 I've tried all of the above and it still doesn't seem to be resolved. The only thing that "fixes" the problem is if I restart the game, but then 5 minutes in it'll happen again. Not sure what else to do.. :/
  5. Nukeshi

    Bad lag

    Hi, whenever I play MP on ATS or ETS2, usually it'll run fine and then suddenly I'll start lagging like crazy. Not fps wise- I mean when I'm not even near someone, somehow they'll curse at me in chat telling to move because I'm apparently blocking their path on THEIR screen only. The distances will also get really big and their name still appears on the players near you menu even though on my screen I'm far far away from them. In several instances I've had people report me because on their screen I'm stopped in the middle of the street. I noticed I can't use the chat when this is happening- it just doesn't work, so I have no way of telling them that it's just lag and I'm not actually near them on my screen. I have fiber internet so I've been seriously doubting that being part of the problem... but if there is a problem on my end please help me fix it! I've already re-downloaded TruckersMP (not that it would fix anything)
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