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Found 22 results

  1. my playing time is 430 hours and the finished Contracts are 325 and last thing he counts its a contract i did from 100+ days i dont know y my TMP account like that who know what is the problem ?
  2. Did all what guides in knowledge base said. Reinstalled TruckersMP completely, still this issue. All info in attaches _____________________________________________________________ Idk how to delete. But it started without any downgrades(before this, it said that i need to downgrade to start). Resolved. Don't approve pls
  3. https://i.hizliresim.com/1EXGDG.jpg I cant solve this problem. Please help me.
  4. Hello, I "upgraded" to windows 8.1 from a win 8 machine and since the update of OS, I haven't been able to launch ETS2MP. As soon as I start the launcher, it comes up with an error message titled "Connection Error - Retry?" From there, there is a bunch of text that you can read on the image below. I have reinstalled the launcher multiple times, and ran it as administrator couple times aswell. I have also downloaded and installed both 32 and 64bit version of .NET Framework.4.6.2. I have also restarted my computer inbetween the installations of both the .NET and launcher. Nothing seems to fix the issue. Clicking "OK" on the error message allows me to enter the launcher, but I can't see any images on the launcher and I can not install available updates, another error message pops up titled the same, saying "An exception occurred during a WebClient request. Press OK to retry" Retrying never works and the error messages keeps coming up. I'm out of options, can't find this exact error message anywhere else.
  5. Guest

    G29 problem with cb radio

    Hi, i have my new g29 steering wheel, then i assigned in the LGS the X keyboard button on the share stering's button, if i open a noteblock it writes x as i am pressing, but in truckers mp i press the button but nothng happens, if i press the X keyboards button the microphone works. Is there any solution? What i tried to do: Reinstall TRUCKERSMP Install lastest LGS driver and then old versions to see if it works Thank you for your support
  6. Hi, I've just got a Logitech G920 and tried playing with it on ETS2 to find that when I take my foot off the accelerator, it automatically brakes. I thought it was my pedals and maybe they were broken so I un-assigned them and tried again. However I'm still having the same issue. It must be in game. Can somebody PLEASE help! I have also attached a clip to show what I mean. At about 0:26 in the video, I take my foot off the accelerator and I'm not touching anything else.
  7. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Logitech G27 Description of Issue: If someone picks up the new Mobile Barrier Trailer to them it looks normal but to everyone else it looks like a White Reefer trailer that also lags back when someone stops How to reproduce: Go into ATSMP and have someone pick up a Mobile Barrier Trailer And then pull forward and stop Screenshots / Videos: This is what it looks like when stopped and yes it is still attached as the name isn't over the trailer and the landing gear is retracted
  8. Hello trucking community. Recently I've noticed that when i am loading up ETS2 in singleplayer it will take me to the screen where you choose your profile, when i click play, it will stop for around 15-20 seconds and then go back on, i was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue/problem or if it is just me!
  9. So, when I go on ETS2 MP, theres some places that lag so I mostly put the graphics down, but sometimes it crashes.
  10. NOTE: I'm unsure if this is a MP mod issue or an SCS issue. Please inform and I'll report accordingly. Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Logitech G29 + H Shifter Description of Issue: Trailer for an external contract job in Camp Verde at E&J Gailes Winery spawns in an impossible pickup point. See the screenshot below. How to reproduce: Get a new external contract which leaves from Camp Verde, E&J Gailes Winery. You may have to be patient to get one which spawns in the place shown below. Screenshots / Videos:
  11. Hello ever since the recent update, i have had a error when i log onto TruckersMP it says on the server category. Loading Servers. Then it says Timed out, Trying again. Its never done this before i need this fixed by Thursday because i have a Convoy which i'v created for my New VTC. I'v searched over the Betas on ETS2 I'v Reinstalled TruckersMP + ETS2 x4. Looked up via the internet nothing comes up about what my issue is. Heres a Image https://gyazo.com/af5cf14fe6f27a32c3b0d1b34b3e37fb
  12. When I press 'TAB' my mouse doesn't come up and when I move it, it's just like if I was moving the Persons view around(to see left or right). How do I overcome this issue?
  13. My ATS single player is not updating like it should to the newest version released this morning at 9AM. Any help would greatly be appreciated
  14. Okay, I have a major issue. When I start up Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP it will come up saying I must downgrade, I downgraded to the correct version and still has that error. As well as that it will say that it can't initialize client core. I have no idea what to do at this point so I have brung it to the forums. I have tried reinstalling the mod, going to the current ets2 version and going back down to the required. Nothing so far has worked. I would greatly appreciate anyone helping me in this issue.
  15. Hi! I have got a problem. I've been banned 3 days ago bc i was out of the bounds. It ended today (As Ets2mp says: Ban expires : 2016-07-14 11:46), 11 46 means to i can play now. But i cant, ets2mp still says that same : I have been banned. But it ended!! What may i do? Please help me! Thank you. Hun Anonymous
  16. Hello! I need some Support, i tryed to play the game after my ban expired, now i cannot play, because the game crashes if i load a Profile in ETS2MP (Only in ETS2MP, SP is working fine.) I made an new Profile, still not working, i downgrade my ETS2 after posting this, maybe that will help. PasteBin: http://pastebin.com/aJN1LKnR Greetings, CubeXDE
  17. when i sign onto the server it crashes when i try to play [21:30:28] <info> Logger started! [21:30:28] <info> Game version is supported. Base address: 00007FF53EFE0000 Signature: c00db871756e [21:30:28] <info> [net] <Http async> creating thread... [21:30:28] <info> [net] <Http async> thread created. [21:30:34] <info> [dx9] Display init. [21:30:34] <info> [win] Keyboard input initialized. Input resolution = 1366x768. [21:30:34] <info> [dx9] Device initialized. [21:30:36] <info> [di8] Mouse input initialized. [21:30:55] <info> Fetching servers status.. [21:30:55] <info> Game started [21:31:21] <info> Steamid: 76561198217151208 [21:31:34] <info> Game started [21:31:55] <info> [net] Connecting to [21:32:02] <info> [dx9] Device deinitialized. [21:32:03] <info> Logger is shutting down.
  18. Hi, I'm having an issue where the initial screen for multiplayer is missing, the screen that says "TruckersMP", has your login, and gives you the choice of servers. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program multiple times, I have checked to make sure the directory works, and I've watched the installation tutorial video. I tried installing both the ETS2 and ATS multiplayer programs, and when I tested to see if even ETS2 worked, it didn't display the initial screen either. I have 3 hours on ATS, and I have pressed the yellow-orange "Check Now" box on my Truckers MP settings page. In both cases, the multiplayer programs for ETS2 and ATS, the initial screen did not show, and I was presented with the basic single player screen that shows saves and some stats. When I pressed continue and drive, no other players were there, and the game was in single player mode. I'm not really sure if there's anything else I can try to do to fix it. I've played on the ETS2 servers before, and frequently before. Any help I can get on this issue would really help. Thank you.
  19. Hey there, I am SavageKieran in-game, and I am having some problems logging in on the game itself. Basically when I click on the game on my desktop, I get the usual two loading screens which I can skip with ESC, and then it comes up with my login which is correct, and when I attempt to click "Login" nothing happens, it also doesn't let me click anything else within this menu like the forgot password button, the server list, and even the x button which allows me to close the game, though there are many other ways to close the game like for example, alt + f4. But yeah, I cannot get onto the game as it will not me click anything on the login menu. EDIT: I've tried also clicking on the main menu of Singleplayer as well, to which I've found doesn't work either, so basically nothing on Euro Truck is clickable. And yes, I have tried restarting my laptop, as well as my game around 5 times now. Please help me! Thanks
  20. Hi, I have a Radeon R9 280X and i suffer with graphic problems, In this game only do i see crazy stuff going on like coloured walls in front of me that when i get to them i drive through them, Flickering in the rear view mirror(s) and so on My system is up to dat, The GPU is up to date, Im running ULTRA on my GPU, The issue only happens in ETS2. Is there a configuration issue with my card and your development? GPU ISSUE Im actually thinking about buying a new GPU [MSI GTX 970] as ETS2 is 1 of 3 games i play the most and its really doing my head in that i can not play with a great view. My Friend has sits beside me on his rig and has no pproblem with a GTX chip GPU, I believe ETS2 Has issues with AMD chipset
  21. Hello, Every time when I attempt to download the map client of multiplayer, I get this "error" "ets2map.dll : Missing. Would you like to try to install the radar dll <y/n> :" When I try to type in "y", it shows some things but then the console automatically closes by itself, I can't read what it says after because it closes so fast. It does the same when I type in "n". Anything I'm doing wrong? EDIT: I do see the file "ets2map.dll".. so i am not sure why it says it is missing... (Incase you don't know what I am on about it is this http://ets2map.com/radar/)
  22. Evening people, so I recently reinstalled Euro Truck Sim 2 as I found out it now has multiplayer which is fantastic news! Well it would be if I could get it to work. So what have I done so far? - Installed multiplayer - Linked profiles - Set Steam to Beta .12 as the program requests - I run the program click continue game - Loading bar loads - Black screen comes up then boom program not responding. See attached for computer specs Pastebin game.crash >>> http://pastebin.com/b4jtGZbk Thanks for taking the time to help me, looking forward to your response. Regards, Matt
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