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  1. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    Sorry, @megadethsteve666. If forgot to awnser about the red light. I just wanted to show it, how people are just driving over it, nobody got reported from me for this, and nobody will ever get reported for redjumping.
  2. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    In a traffic jam i cannot run away from them. Because everyone is bumping on each other.
  3. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    |Okay, the Serversided thing is a problem i cannot solve, and it is my fault, if i drive to close to somebody lagging, i never said something else. But if you think, this guy is just staying around, and you have no way to overtake, because you are surrounded by other Players, i think this could help. And i drove up so close, because i coudn't do anything except for wait, there was somebody on my left, and right. And he was staying directly behind a curve, i cannot see thorough walls. And how could i know that he lag? He wasn't driving, i was just thinking had had to emergency break or something. | How would you react, if you drive around a corner and there is somebody? Stay behind the corner where you woudn't even be able to notice him, and stay quiet? Ofc. i horn, to symbolize him to drive. I wasn't thinking he is AFK or lagging. | Idiot is an insult, lazy not, just btw. | And just btw. do you feel bad after "you" rammed a complete queue away? if yes, why? How can my driving ability affect the performance of somebodies PC? Thats not a great argument TBH. | Unfair Tactis, okay, abusing such a system would be possible, but you can abuse every system... You can make fake lag with cheat engine, to feel the same. (I never used Cheat engine in TruckersMP!) I am just saying that People which won't look on the Map are lazy. And in my opinion it's true, what's holding you back from looking onto the Map?`And lazy isn't an insult. > I got a question for you, @megadethsteve666. How would you fix it? And could you maybe not insult others and then say that they shouldn't call somebody lazy if they are lazy? (@)Everyone To be honest, it really isn't the best idea, but this was just the first thing i had in mind, how to fix it in a most friendly way for everyone. And in real life you do not have people which are lagging queues completely away Would be nice, if we could find a solution for this. | greetings, Cube.
  4. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | I am driving only on EU2, because i want to drive a bit faster if the road is clear. I am not racing anyone, and normally if someone is in front of me i will break and keep distance. And why do i need to avoid other People which are lagging? I don't know who is lagging if i am not close to them, the lagging players can look at the Map, and see traffic jams. I don't really know, how people get that brilliant idea to drive somewhere at Rotterdam, if they have a potatoe powered PC. I just cannot understand it. At least an advertisement for this Map would be gread, as example with: "If you want to avoid Traffic Jams, then look at this map http://... !" | But yes, if all lagging players would be teleported to the same Station it would be a new "lagging point", but i wrote "If they still lag there, then teleport them to another." And i do not understand why people are trying to say that i am egoistic, because i am not. The most people would like to play with more than 5 FPS, and if they drive accidently into a Traffic Jam, they will get teleported away and get back 30FPS. | And i know, that there are a few PC's which are performing with 10 FPS always, no matter what happens, but then you just shoudn't play in my opinion, this isn't fun for the player and for everyone else. | I just want to help all, not just me. If it's fun for lagging Players to play with 5 FPS, then they are just strange, who wouldn't like to have more FPS?
  5. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | I know how to overtake... keep 80 meters distance, blink left, look for symbols like "left blinker once", if there is no reaction, i just overtake, if i am on his side, i look in my left mirror and focus on his lights if he lighthorns me, then i pass in or if he honks twice. If he do not interact, i just overtake as i would, just with a bit more distance. | This is still not the issue, i am still talking about me in front of the lagging Person, i am in front, he rams me, and he writes "In my screen i didn't even touch you" i have this every day in game, i believe him, because he lagged back and forward, HE can do anything, he is just doing his best, but why? It would be way smarter, to get him out of this trouble, and help with this feature the lagging person and everyone around. | "but the principle is that it's not a rule nor a requirement" Yes, this is the issue, if there would be rule or requirement, i wouldn't write this topic, and discuss with you. and please, please keep in mind, i do not want to punish anyone, i am just thinking about a solution, i do not hate laggers, but some times they just make me angry, but i still do not hate anyone in this game, it would be an enormous paradox if i would hate these people i am playing with. | This was just my idea, how to fix it, of course someone could figure out another solution? I think, everyone agree with me: This is a problem, we need to solve. But, how? | greetings, Cube.
  6. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | Why not? It's was a long time wrote, that people with bad GPU's should avoid these regions. And even if it is unfair, in which way is the 600ms kick fair? | And Why do i need to care about problems which i cannot fix? Why do i need to keep distance from other lagging persons, and not the lagging person? Why is it okay, if somebody lags into me, but if i want a solution for this, which would be most friendly for all sides it isn't okay? You may argument; They cannot make it better! They have to deal with their Hardware, then i will just answerer you: No and Yes: Everyone with a bad connection should look at the Realtime Map, and Avoid these places! It is so easy to fix it all, but nobody is going to do that, and why? Because people are too lazy. | It's kinda hilarious how easy it would be to fix. ↑↑↑ Just look at this Map. Why would YOU want to drive with 5 fps, if you could drive with 40? I do not understand that logical error.
  7. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | If you unplug your Keyboard accidentally and ram somebody you will get punished too. | Infact, the game is made for 1 Truck to render. I totally agree with this, but we need a solution for this problem. And i think this is the most User-Friendly. | Why are other People then getting kicked for low Ping then? Isn't this a bit harder? | Why would YOU want to drive with 5 fps, if you could drive with 40? I do not understand that logical error. | greetings, Cube.
  8. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | The nice thing is, that it's automated, so the IGA's have nothing to worry about. | You do not even need a single 1080 to run it at neat 60fps. Everyone has low FPS in a Traffic Jam, thats something everyone knows, it doesn't matters, if it's a 980 Ti (like mine) or a Intel HD. But these special laggers which are shooting crowds from the road, these should get teleported away. | "If someone is lagged out, just stop and wait, that's not hard to do is it?" I wrote "and lag everyone out of their way!" I wrote, that they ram others because They have not enougth reaction time and their movements aren't getting fast enough to the servers. | "how would you feel if you've done nothing wrong and followed the rules to the letter yet get either kicked or teleported just because your connection is poor or your PC is struggling?" I would feel nothing, i got banned because of such hilarious things, and just btw. People with a high Ping get kicked. Never noticed? ...and if i would have a bad PC, i would look for Traffic Jams on the Main Site of TruckersMP! (Information > Realtime Map) This is the Map, if you are too lazy to search for it > | If somebody is driving behind somebody lagging, then it's his own fault. except in one case: We all know this guy: Driving 500 Meters in front of you, and... *boom* he lagged 500 meters back and glitches you into the sky! > I got a Clip, which was showing someone stopping in front of me, and he lagged back and scared the hell out of me. I was thinking, "Again somebody just staying on the road, let's hope he will move on..." And yes, i know, the letters are displayed way too short in this Video. (Sorry for my reaction, i got scared by this... okay, and i laughed a few seconds later.) | greetings, Cube. (Video Attached below)
  9. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | Is it fun to play? Are you driving to Spots like Rotterdam? If yes, why? If you got a bad PC, you need to take care of others too! I still do not want to punish everyone, i had a bad PC a while ago, and i avoided Rotterdam and such places. Okay, the issue with "Usually you get stuck into a loong loading and you're not even sure you actually despawned from the road." could be fixed with a No Collision 1 second before you get teleported. | Maybe teleporting isn't the best solution, but it's way better than as example a No Collision Truck for lagging people. | I do not want to punish anyone. But it's just in my opinion annoying as hell, that you get someone else glitches into your truck and you fly all over the map. I know, it sounds kinda egoistic, but i could just turn around the role, and ask: "Why are people with bad PC's so egoistic, that they drive into a heavy traffic zone?" or "Why are to so egoistic, that they do not just pull over and tow them away?" | Keep your distance... Have you ever seen a Traffic Jam? If not, drive down from Rotterdam to Bruxelles, you will see there a Traffic jam every day. These People are driving 2 Meters behind each other, i will post later 2 Videos, showing me taking distance (The capture is from yesterday!). And others sticking to my rear. I take very mutch distance from laggy people. At least 100-200 Meters. to Normal people 50 Meters. | And yes, i stick to the rear of others too, if you ask why, i got the answer! - Everyone else is doing it, and if you don't do it you will hear so many horns that your ears will explode. | greetings, Cube.
  10. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | I totally agree, that people shoudn't race, i was had in mind reactions like emergency breaks or quick steering to avoid a crash. Lagging people do not drive fast, because they just know, that they need way longer to steer. (I know how it is to play at low framerates!) | And it isn't a punishment teleporting someone away. Because the Person is still able to play, nothing has changed, maybe he just got to drive a few miles more. | The problem is, our IGA's cannot react on everyone who is lagging. They have already trouble with normal reports. I know, that our IGA's got real pressure, and i understand, that they cannot claim every report instantly, i respect that! Maybe TruckersMP could test such a System ONLY on EU2. | And i got another reason, why we shoudn't kick lagging people! If we kick them, they will reconnect, and spawn in mid of the road inside of the traffic jam, thats the worst thing that can happen! > Just btw. sorry for my broken grammar. < | greetings, Cube.
  11. Teleporting Players with low framerate

    | But this would mean, that everyone would lag, and not only a few. And even if this is server sided, then my theory would still work, everyone who is lagging, would get teleported away, this would remove some load of the Server. | Maybe some people would shout "Unfair! Why do i get teleported away, and not someone else?" Well, easy to answer. How i guess everyone knows, there are just some people lagging, this would mean (if the server theory is true) that these Clients are causing problems, and it would be logical to move them away, to avoid trouble with other incoming people. | greetings, Cube.
  12. Suggestion Name: Teleporting Players with low frame rate Suggestion Description: We all know these People... They are going with their Potatoe PC to Rotterdam or other Heavy Traffic Roads, and lag everyone out of their way! Well, how to fix it? We could just Teleport Players with a lower FPS than 5 within 10 seconds away. You may ask: But there are much People with bad PC's! Yes, thats true! But not everyone is driving forward and backwards 10 times withing 2 seconds and ramming everything away! It should be Automated, and Teleport it to the Closest Service Station. If there are too much players, and the player is lagging again, then teleport him to another Service Station, this would make it way better for the not lagging players, and seriously, it is not fun to drive with 5 FPS around, if you do not meet the System requirement, then just do not play. Seriously, it sounds kinda hard, but it's just not fun for the lagging player and the other players. Any example images: I think, this feature doesn't need any Pictures. Why should it be added?: - This would solve Performance problems. Example: Player A got 15 FPS, his comment: "thats just not making fun!" 5 Players with 5 FPS get teleported away: Player A got 25 FPS, his comment: "Way better!" - People wouldn't get punished for their Lags! Example: Person A rammed Person B, Person A had low FPS, and stopped behind Player B. But in Player B's screen he got rammed by Player A, and then Player A just teleported 5 meters back. - People with low FPS wouldn't get issues with breaking at traffic jam, because they would get teleported out of this location. - People wich do not want to have lag would get quick out of the lag situation. - Traffic Jams wouldn't take years to disband, because lagging players were not there, and Players with normal FPS can react way faster than somebody with 5 fps. - We could just kick them or ban them: No! I do not want to punish lagging people!, i just want to make it better for lagging and not lagging people! Greetings, Cube.
  13. What really happens on the Experimental Server

    I'm Blue. I would beat of a guy...
  14. Hybrid Trucks - Mod Release

    Hey! This Issue can be fixed easly, it's just a too big interiour for a too small Cabin. It woud be great, if you could make a List of all trucks with this bug, so that @Forerunner can fix it. - Greetings, CubeXDE.
  15. Hybrid Trucks - Mod Release

    Hey! You really mixed every single Truck? wow... You are stealing my job!