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  1. CubeXDE

    What really happens on the Experimental Server

    I'm Blue. I would beat of a guy...
  2. CubeXDE

    Hybrid Trucks - Mod Release

    Hey! This Issue can be fixed easly, it's just a too big interiour for a too small Cabin. It woud be great, if you could make a List of all trucks with this bug, so that @Forerunner can fix it. - Greetings, CubeXDE.
  3. CubeXDE

    Hybrid Trucks - Mod Release

    Hey! You really mixed every single Truck? wow... You are stealing my job!
  4. CubeXDE

    i hate her !! .... (broken profile)

    How Puncake said, you can get it back from the EuroTruckSimulator 2 Folder in your Documents dir. And yes, you can uninstall the game, and then install it again over Steam. I took a look on your TruckersMP Profile, you are not banned. But maybe you shoud take a little break with gaming, i think your girlfriend feels uncared. Greetings, Cube. I accidently pressed edit, you can remove this post.
  5. CubeXDE

    fatal error (send crash.log)

    Explain me your Problem please, otherwise i will not be able to help you.
  6. CubeXDE

    Extract driver names from LogFiles

    Nice work! But it's just for these people without Notepad++ and STRG and V Buttons. But still nice work. Greetings, CubeXDE.
  7. CubeXDE

    Another instance is already running

    Hello! Have you tried to Forcekill the Process with an commandprompt? If no, try this: //INFO: Start cmd.exe with Admin rights! Taskkill /PID »PID-Number« /F By the Way, you can find the PID in the Taskmanager. Greetings, CubeXDE.
  8. CubeXDE

    ETS2MP ID or TruckersMP ID?

    Hey! If you look around here, you will find mutliple Posts, showing this bug, i think the Dev's have bigger work than chainging this little issue.
  9. CubeXDE

    Game crashes after loading Profile

    Hello! Now it's working fine... it was an issue by the Installer.
  10. CubeXDE

    Paintjob DLC issue

    The Painting is only visible to Players which have the Resource for it downloaded. (Resource = DLC)
  11. CubeXDE

    ETS2 MP autopark feature?

    Auto-Parking is booooring...
  12. Hello! I need some Support, i tryed to play the game after my ban expired, now i cannot play, because the game crashes if i load a Profile in ETS2MP (Only in ETS2MP, SP is working fine.) I made an new Profile, still not working, i downgrade my ETS2 after posting this, maybe that will help. PasteBin: http://pastebin.com/aJN1LKnR Greetings, CubeXDE