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  1. Hey TruCkDr1V3r, I started up the game in singleplayer and it crashes again from when I click continue game. I was playing SP fine before changing the Beta. My computer works fine on all other games that I know of. (See here: http://tempsend.com/7F9A7B0056/A963/Screenshot%20(327).jpg)Maybe it's the wrong beta? even though Multiplayer requested it. Regards, Matt
  2. Evening people, so I recently reinstalled Euro Truck Sim 2 as I found out it now has multiplayer which is fantastic news! Well it would be if I could get it to work. So what have I done so far? - Installed multiplayer - Linked profiles - Set Steam to Beta .12 as the program requests - I run the program click continue game - Loading bar loads - Black screen comes up then boom program not responding. See attached for computer specs Pastebin game.crash >>> http://pastebin.com/b4jtGZbk Thanks for taking the time to help me, looking forward to your response. Regards, Matt
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