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Community Answers

  1. hi @EL KEES it didn't work thank you for your help I really appreciate it
  2. hello again @Mr.Drexyy nothing actually works I just got bored trying to solve it thanks for your help I really appreciate it I'll try solving it later
  3. hi @Mr.Drexyy actually I did the first 3 solutions for now but now the launcher does not verify the update file after it reaches the final one and appears an error with out telling what the error is what is the next step
  4. Hi , I have problem with the launcher I redownloded it many times and still not able to start the game the paths of both ets2 & ats are right how to solve this problem ? and thank you for your help
  5. Happy Birthday! ?

  6. Happy Birthday! ?

  7. problem solved , after I redownload the game and the launcher .
  8. HI @DepperitoR I really appreciate your help , problem solved . thanks again and happy Sunday .
  9. @DepperitoR sorry for answering late , i had exam I tried every thing and its still the same the launcher still doesn't run the game ? by the way its only ets2 doesn't run ats is normally running .
  10. thx for asking , no i still have the same problem
  11. hi again @DepperitoR I did the first & the second solutions now and i redownloaded the launcher , when I try to launch the game this warning appears... what should i do next?
  12. Hi , i'd like to inform you about a problem happend in the game after the last the last update , my game suddenly start glitching and the screen get black all i see is the dashboard , i have a video of it idk how to send it to you . am waiting for a solution to this problem . thanks in advance. if u need a video contact me.
  13. my playing time is 430 hours and the finished Contracts are 325 and last thing he counts its a contract i did from 100+ days i dont know y my TMP account like that who know what is the problem ?
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