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  1. Sempre que eu me deparo com um carro durante a viagem, isso sempre me dá uma sensação de frio na barriga, aquela sensação de que um troll está se aproximando, mas lembrando que nem todos os motoristas de skoda são motins, há muitas pessoas boas que gostam de dirigir por prazer, mas esse medo nos dá que não podemos negar.
  2. Hey guys, I would love to hear your thoughts about a new speed limit for cars. Since the 1.37 appeared the handling of cars is much better, than before and you can drive higher speed's without any problems. If I'm driving with my friends in some trucks, I like to drive realistic truck speeds, cause the game focuses on realism. But if I try to get fast to my destination, with a car, on the Autobahn, it's pretty annoying, to drive with just 110 km/h,which is a pretty unrealistic speed on the Autobahn. So I would love to see a new speed limit for cars, that would allow u
  3. Linngor

    add traffic

    Suggestion Name: add some traffic Suggestion Description: add more life on the routes Any example images: Why should it be added?: to make ets2 and ats more realistics and attractive to new players. I am new to ets2 and truckesrmp and I felt quite lonely during my time on the server. At most I came across 6 players on a supposedly crowded server.
  4. For example: Changing "detail_model: "/vehicle/truck/skoda_superb/car.pmd"" to "detail_model: "/vehicle/ai/lancer_x/ai.pmd"". Suggestion Name: Allow AI models to be used on Skoda. Suggestion Description: Basically allowing players to change the Skoda's chassis models, lods and collisions(and shadows) to that of an AI car's chassis. How this can be done besides save editing is having different chassis in the shop under AI cars and have every ai car model available for player's to use. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Allows for more variety for types of cars to
  5. When I drive through the server, it is my turn to observe certain situations of characters driving Scouts and generating accidents or the like; this kind of situations leads me to think the reasons why some players scream demanding the removal of this famous little car, but in addition to that it leaves me thinking that if this situation is so true, in which sometimes when driving by the C-D [example] it reads in the chat: "Remove the Scout - all Scouts are idiots - the scouts should never have existed" and also when it's my turn to drive one of these cars, it's different the deal, because as
  6. Suggestion Name: Renew Cars powers. Suggestion Description: So as I said on the title. Monster Cars. because when a car hit a truck. the truck take lot more damage and it even fly or push by the car even at the low speed. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: It's very weird that the cars are stronger than the trucks. when a car cut you and you had collision your truck go crazy. It will be very helpful to all truck drivers . because it really damage our trailers. . so I hope it will be renewed. it really annoys me . Thank you
  7. Suggestion Name: More cars for players Suggestion Description: Add some more cars for the players to use, not only the skoda! Any example images: - Why should it be added?: Only being able to drive the skoda is boring, we need some other cars to drive!
  8. Suggestion Name: more Cars to buy Suggestion Description: As the title says, you could add more cars, like Passat b8 something like that there are a lot of mods and some quality ones. I know that this is a truck game but only The skoda is quite boring to see The Same and The same car. for example The Passat b8 IT s on the same platforma as the skoda is, same sounds, similar interior just a little modifications, and so on. I think this would increase The player on tmp because of New stuff, and everyone would like IT 100%. Any example images: n/a Why should i
  9. Suggestion Name: modification, update or add new light vehicle. Suggestion Description: Improvement, updating or adding a new light vehicle in addition to the Scout ExtraD available in TMP. Any example images: https://imgur.com/h8IqGg7 Why should it be added ?: Recently, both the forum and servers and other parts have refloated the topic of these vehicles, and the suggestion is to take the current car ( https://imgur.com/L5DxWgc ) and update it and give it better termination, or rightly add another to expand the range that is offered within the game. It can
  10. Suggestion format: Addition of new trailers for the car (Skouda) existing in the game ETS 2. Suggestion Name: New trailers and loads. Description of suggestion: It consists of new trailers and their respective loads. Being the types of new types of trailers and loads. It establishes a greater realism between the type of trailer / cargo, between its points of origin and destination. Adds the need to sleep 01 mandatory, in proper resting area, while carrying tourist trailer load. This will make it more appealing to players who want to make loads with c
  11. Hi Everyone; Today I'll show you how to get the caravan trailer. Firstly after you get the car come to "Free Work". Find the "Caravan" trailer here and set the GPS. Then follow the GPS and perform the trailer connections. Trailer with Car is Ready! Note: This trailer is completely legal but only for Car. Best Regards.
  12. I believe that if developers added other cars to players, Euro Truck Simulator 2 MultiPlayer would be much more interesting and would bring more success to MultiPlayer mode. Add cars like: '' Skyline '' https://ets2.lt/en/nissan-skyline-gtr-r34-v2-0/ ... Some buses and bus trips, such as: '' EAA BUS '' http: //www.ets2world.com/eaa-bus-map-v5-1-update-1-35-ets2/ ... It would be much more interesting and would arouse more interest in many more users ... And if adding more car options to the '' Simulator '' in '' MultiPlayer '' mode would be much more interesting and not just a
  13. Suggestion Name: Duisburg traffic flow improved Suggestion: The Duisburg road should be a one-way as showed in the image, this should help traffic flow and not let anyone get in in case their in carrier mode yet this also keeps the large amount of traffic in the game. I think this is a major improvement and should be implemented into Europe 2. Note: Please check the image before commenting. I might have miss-wrote so do check the image to get a better understanding. Any example images: <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DCZV-V2XkAUnMt9.jpg">
  14. So I was thinking at the moment we have only the caravan as a job offer for the scout cars, so I thought it would be cool to have a sort of mini flatbed trailer or even maybe a horse box as it would add more verity to the scout cars.
  15. Suggestion Name: More cars and engine options Suggestion Description: It would be pretty cool to have more models of cars to chose as a scout, and also more engines to put into then. Any example images: More cars could be added, like hatchbacks, SUVs, maybe even some pickups. And some new engines are welcome too, like some more diesel engines, some naturally aspired, more turbo engines, maybe even a V6 or a V8. Why should it be added?: The players can express themselves very well with all those models of trucks, paintings and e
  16. Hallo an alle, Ich spiele seit 1 Jahr und ich finde man sollte auch, dass Militär einführen. Ich habe ein paar Paintjobs schon probiert und ich finde man könnte Dunkelgrün LKWs und Autos mit Blaulichtern verwenden. Das Militär hätte Recht auf Abfragund von Fahrern und Recht auf Straßensperren. Schlägt den TruckersMP machern vor, sowas zu verwirklichen, weil krin programmieren nötig wär (Nur Rechte auf Blaulichter also Polizei). Wenn ihr auch sowas wollt unterstützt mich. Ihr habt mich leider nicht verstanden ich habe es anders gemeint. Also Blocken ist ein Blöds
  17. 20DeWalt

    More cars

    Suggestion Name: More Cars Suggestion Description: I want to “suggest” adding more cars in the game, like a new SUV, Minivan, Pick-up or Van. Any example images: Why should it be added?: We truckers don’t have any choice when we want a car to get to places. Plus by adding Vans a new type of job could be added.
  18. So recently, I've been doing some caravan deliveries in my skoda scout. I have automatic traction/gear change in ETS2 settings so I was shocked to see that I had to be changing gear manually. I've also been into the settings and the traction/gear change option is greyed out. Is this a bug or is this part of the game? Because it seems a bit silly as I like to have automatic gear changes as I'm rusty on manual ones and when to change to be effective at accelerating. I did have a short break off TMP so it might've come out then when i wasn't playing. Thanks for any support given
  19. Hello, I just downloaded TruckersMP and I saw that there was previously a way to buy a car and it is said that you can buy it at any truck dealer but it does not appear for me. Were the cars removed for v.1.31? I appreciate any support!
  20. Who is allowed to use police cars? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. OFFICIALIOS TAISYKLĖS PASKUTINĮ KARTĄ ATNAUJINTA: 2016 GEGUŽĖS 17 DIENA. VAIRUOJANT PER ETS2MP IR ATSMP TURITE LAIKYTIS EUROPOS IR AMERIKOS EISKO TAISYKLŲ E.G. http://www.travlang.com/signs/ - https://www.rickstev...ing-europe-tips - http://www.verbinet.com/driving Signalo spawninimas - Kick / Ban Turite samoningai naudoti signala. Slapyvardis - Kick / Ban Negalima turėti slapyvardžio tokio pat kaip administracijos ir pnš. Varžybos - Kick / Ban Darant kokais varžybas arba lenktynes.
  22. I was wondering on which servers cars are actually allowed. I know that they are prohibited on EU1/EU3 and allowed on EU2. What about the other servers? I don´t want to risk a ban so I thought I´d ask first. Thanks in advance!
  23. Para que sevem os carros no jogo? Desculpem a ignorância, mas perguntar não ofende..
  24. Hello, I enjoy the car game play massively and i was wondering where do i get a BMW Car, I have seen them driving around. Many thanks
  25. Generalnie chodzi o zmiany co do aut marki Scout. Wypuszczenie ich na serwery było trochę głupim pomysłem. Dlaczego ? 2/4 mp to są trolle, dla nich to jest mega radość bo mogą wykorzystać to i jeździć w miejsca gdzie jest dużo ludzi. Rozbijają się po zakrętach, lecą ile wlezie i wpadają w innych właściwie celowo. Z zwykłego symulatora zrobił się typowy Need For Speed czy chociaż TDU2 . Moją propozycją jest wpuszczenie Scout tylko na serwer EU1. Nic sie nie stanie jak se pojeżdżą na ograniczniku. To będzie dobre rozwiązanie bo przy 110 da się wyhamować i kontrolować jazdę. A tak jak lecą 240 km
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