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  1. spent about 4 years driving around on my own and started getting pretty bored, found out how much VTCs improve the driving experience, best thing i ever decided to do
  2. forgot to make a 1.37 save so stuck on 1.38 sp, looking every day to see if it's updated to drive again on mp
  3. Probably the Sade paint job as it works really well with a trailer with the same paint job.
  4. Turn them on growing down empty roads but turn them off when someone else is coming the other way, I find it more realistic.
  5. Nearly 4 years, probably learnt that doing the C-D road over and over again doesn’t help traffic, especially always going through Rotterdam. Finally figured out that about 3 yrs ago!
  6. Horn if in daylight, flashing at night.
  7. Renault T sleeper because the interior/exterior are clean-looking.
  8. Like most people here, probably the C-D road because it’s pretty fun and more active then others, for scenery probably the Munich to Milan mountainous road.
  9. Probably multiplayer for me as whenever I go back to single player, it feels a bit boring compared to multiplayer.
  10. Single mainly easier to handle
  11. So I recently bought the special transport dlc for ets2 and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for any dlc under £7.00?? I’m open to any ideas!
  12. In my opinion I think most people want to experience the chaos of driving with all the traffic as quite a lot of the other roads you only meet a few other players along the way, tbh I go there just for fun
  13. Generally I use automatic on multiplayer as normally I forget to change gear as I’m only watching the road xD
  14. So I was thinking at the moment we have only the caravan as a job offer for the scout cars, so I thought it would be cool to have a sort of mini flatbed trailer or even maybe a horse box as it would add more verity to the scout cars.
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